Feminist Friday: Some People Fight Rape; Eric Cantor Fights for Rapists


This Week in Awesome Male Feminists

Some men just get it when it comes to women’s issues. This week we salute a few sterling examples who cropped up.

Scott Lynch is a fantasy author who decided to write what sounded awesome to him, and in Red Seas Under Red Skies, that turned out to be a black female pirate captain. Cool, right? Right up until the exact people you think would bitch about that sort of thing did so. (Those people are, of course, wrong on several levels.) Lynch was not a fan of the bigotry, the sexism, or the lunkheadednes, and he Hulked out in a most satisfying way.

Rich Abdill of Wonkette handily tore apart the argument of one of those ladies who doesn’t like to call herself a feminist.

And Luke McKinney at Cracked noted the stupidity of calling out “fake” fangirls.

This Week in Bad

Two women’s affairs officials have been assassinated in Afghanistan for being women who cared about women’s affairs.

The global economic crisis is forcing younger and younger girls into prostitution.

Female science fiction authors are still pressured to disguise their gender. What’s more, female comics writers just got a little more scarce; The Mary Sue reports that Gail Simone is no longer the writer for Batgirl. That sucks not just because comics fans are losing a female writer, they’re losing a great writer in general. Simone’s storylines were fun and interesting to follow, and she made Barbara Gordon’s return to caped crusading complex, dark, and compelling.

Point Loma Nazarene University won’t give a charter to a campus LGBTQ club.

And newspapers care way less when important women die.

Graphic from Mother Jones

This Week in Thinky

Lindy West debunked the concept of modesty in Jezebel.

And for the horrible offense of politely and patiently explaining her hairstyle to a bigoted viewer, meteorologist Rhonda Lee got fired. Melissa Harris-Perry joined Lee for a conversation.

A marriage equality bill for Illiniois may be coming up for a vote in January. Come on, Illinois. You don’t want another Midwestern state to continue to be more sophisticated and cosmopolitan than you are, do you…?

And you may remember the EU’s well intentioned but dreadfully executed Science: It’s a Girl thing video. So! Many! Makeup brushes!

Well, some British psychologists and neuroscientists have come up with an enjoyably merciless parody. As much as they’re joking about being terrible silly role models, I think there are worse things for girls to look up to than smart, funny ladies who are having a blast.

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