Felicia Day on coming out in “Dollhouse” and the new lesbian couple on “The Guild”

AE: Joss Whedon has talked about a Dr. Horrible sequel and perhaps a movie. What can you tell us about that?

FD: I know that since Dollhouse ended, it’s definitely a priority for him and the crew. I don’t know if I’ll be included, but I hope so.

AE: Any shot our beloved Penny will pull a Buffy and come back from the dead?

FD: [Laughs] It’s hard because I’m a writer and I know how it is to love an actor and try to figure out how to work them in, but I really have to think of the story. I’ve actually gotten some really cool fan art in the past of Penny in a vat of liquid, Ghost Penny, Robot Penny — which I really like because that could be cool makeup— Zombie Penny, Franken Penny, all this really great fan art. It’s really cool what people come up with.

AE: Has The Guild helped you break free of the best-friend character stereotype?

FD: [Laughs] Not really! I actually auditioned for three or four secretaries this pilot season. But it’s fine. At the end of the day I’m doing something that’s much more fulfilling than doing that. It’s just two different worlds. I have had other opportunities open up because writers are more aware of me than executives or producers and casting directors. I’ve actually had writers write me parts, which is awesome.

Felicia Day will be signing copies of "The Guild" #1 at a special cocktail party at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles (7018 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038) on Friday, April 2 from 6-9 p.m. Admission is free.

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