Felicia Day on coming out in “Dollhouse” and the new lesbian couple on “The Guild”


AE: Season 3 of The Guild introduced Michele Boyd as Riley, who hooked up with Venom in the finale. Where will that story line pick up in Season 4?

FD: I’m still working out story lines right now, but I get wedded to characters. The problem is — and it’s not really a problem &mdsah; but I love writing these supporting characters. Like Dina — Bladezz’s (Vincent Caso) sister — was only supposed to have one line in the first season and was actually supposed to be a late-20s, trashy girl and I met his real-life sister, Tara, and thought, “This is the funniest kid I’ve ever met,” so I’m just going to rewrite the part for her so I could bring her back because he brings so much to the table as actor and helped me develop the character.

It’s the same thing about Michele: That character was one that I didn’t really know what to do with and she started as an antagonist to me, just kind of a one-episode girl. Then I had the idea to bring her back and she’s fully formed as a much more interesting character that there’s so many more things I can play with her. It’s just a question if I have room for her. Michele is a fantastic actress and I’d love to work with her again.

AE: The scene in Season 3 where she starts giving you a backrub is pretty gay.

FD: [Laughs] Yeah! I mean, it wasn’t subtle! I’ve alluded to that a few times with Codex. I think there’s a few times in Season 2; there’s a whole monologue where she says that she went out for dinner with somebody and it wasn’t until she had her hand halfway up my leg that I realized something was up and Codex was going out with a gay woman. I’ve alluded to Codex being confused and not opposed to that in the past. I think she’s the kind of girl who went through college intellectually thinking, “Well, I don’t know (about her sexuality).” [Laughs] So I’ve kind of dropped hints here and there and actually in one of the drafts I wrote, the kiss at the very end (of Season 3) was Michele kissing Codex, but I thought that wasn’t a direction I wanted to go.

Then I had the idea to pair her and Venom up, which I thought was perfect: The characters compliment each other; they’re very dysfunctional and not very representative of everybody in the world. But for these few characters, it doesn’t feel like a huge leap to pair them up in the end. I’d love to see their home life! [Laughs]

AE: AfterEllen readers would, too!

FD: Oh good! Maybe we’ll see a spinoff then! [Laughs]

AE: It’d be great to see more of those two in Season 4.

FD: It’s definitely in the back of my mind. We just have very limited time in five to eight minutes, so I want to get as much funny and as many of the great characters in as I can.

AE: With the success of “Date My Avatar” do you have plans to promote Season 4 with another great music video?

FD: It’s kind of hard when you set the bar that high if you think about that you need to be as good as that. There were so many elements that went together in that video and at the same time it was kind of a whim. … We always do an extra video for every season; I just wouldn’t want to do a pale version of the “Date My Avatar” video. After I get the season done, we’ll focus on that. I have a couple of ideas, but we’re not going to imitate that.

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