“Fastlane” Lesbian Episode a Fun But Uneven Ride

Billie also illustrates this early on in the episode through this conversation with a Hollywood version of a butch lesbian (i.e. short hair and an armband tattoo) named Nance who asks her to dance:

NANCE: do you want to dance?
BILLIE: no thanks
NANCE: are you sure you don’t want to dance?
BILLIE: (laughs) no, not this time
NANCE: can’t blame a girl for trying
BILLIE: (smiles) no, you can’t.

The easy way in which Billie declines the invitation and her relaxed body language indicate no surprise or distaste at the woman hitting on her.

3. Sara tells Billie, “So you’re not really gay, you’re bi-curious.” This is the first time the concept of “bi-curious” has ever been mentioned on TV, despite being a common term among lesbians and bisexual women in real life.

4. This episode may also be one of the only times on television we have seen realistic dancing between women — not the fake version of lesbian dancing we usually see, where two women intertwine fingers while they dance two feet apart (although there were a few of those shots in the beginning). For the most part, the women in the club who were couples danced like lesbian couples do in real life: close.

5. The episode featured three lesbian kisses — and long, passionate ones at that (this includes the scene when Jill kiss her girlfriend passionately on the throat several times in the club, since that is equivalent to a kiss in terms of explicit displaying lesbian sexuality).

This may be a record number of lesbian kisses in a single episode on primetime television.

6. The scene with Billie, Sara, and Jill naked in the hot tub is also unusually explicit portrayal of lesbian sexuality (if a little guy-fantasy oriented) and only the second time lesbians have been shown naked together on television (the first was a scene with Willow and Tara in bed together in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer last season).

7. The episode challenges the myth that lesbians are attracted to all women when Sara tells Billie in the hot tub that her friend Jill is not her type, insisting “we’re just good friends.”

8. The episode was aired at 8pm, a time slot which has usually been off-limits to portrayals of lesbian sexuality.

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