Fan Art Empowers Queer Women

Abromitis also noted that, contrary to
popular belief, not all fan art (even L Word fan art) is racy, X-rated stuff.

“I don’t think it’s
any racier than any other "adult" fandoms,” she said. “I
think the more telling element is the story line of the show or movie. Our Loving Annabelle fics on,
for instance, tend to be more cerebral.”

Artwork credit: Samiko_2007

“I think that’s because the
movie was so in the heads of the characters," she explained. "Sure, there was a super hot sex
scene, but overall, it was a very introspective movie, so the fics tend to try
to fill in the blanks…the unspoken words of Annabelle and Simon.”

This time of year is one of the busiest for fan artists of
Sapphic persuasions, with the debut of The L
final season and another official Xena
convention just having concluded.

It’s hard to underestimate the level of
skill and creativity on display at some of the more prestigious art
competitions and bigger websites. It’s easy to blow naysayers away with the
sheer amount of talent on display, and the way the art adds to fans’ enjoyment of the original shows and movies.

Like this brilliant video showing the entire series of Buffy — all seven seasons — in three minutes, set to the classic "William Tell Overture."

Some people still think that fan art is just a lame hobby, but
to fans and
film and TV producers, it’s too important to dismiss.

“Those who create fan fiction, fan art, fan videos, etc. are the most
dedicated fans,” said Abromitis. “They are also the ones that keep fans
focused on the show during hiatus. Those fan artists should be courted and
thanked by networks and show creators for the service they provide— entertaining and creating dedicated fans.”

Whether or not outsiders consider fan art to be “true art” or
not, it’s all part of the overarching trend of internet-enabled participation — and it’s one of the richest sources of lesbian
entertainment in the world.

Fan art allows truly talented artists and writers find their
calling — and it allows all of us to see familiar stories with new eyes.

“I take to heart what one of my creative writing instructors
once told me,” said Pavlica, drawing upon her own inspiration. “If all you can
do when you wake up is think about writing or creating, then you are an artist.
Nothing else matters.”

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the Xena Online Community, and

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