“Faking It” recap (1.4): Syzzr Syzzters

On Amy’s date, we meet Jasmine, a funny, grounded girl who I like instantly, not least for being a person of color in an overwhelmingly white show, and referencing the fact that at her school, gayness is still a liability, rather than an asset.  The girls share a laugh, which Amy takes as her clue to lunge across the table and plant a kiss on her lips.  In spite of the gender-flip, it’s really Oliver all over again.


And much as I can relate to wanting to put your lips on someone else’s lips as a pain reliever, using someone to distract yourself from your feelings is still, you know, using someone.  Jasmine says as much and even relates the story of her own best friend crush, which ended rather painfully when she confessed her feelings.   She advises Amy to do the same, and give her a call when her head is on straight.  I really hope she does.

When we resume the Great Karma Apology Tour, she goes over to Liam’s apparently private art studio, where she finds him banging a hammer against a cold piece of metal (a pretty good metaphor for most high school boys’ sexual prowess, IMO.)  Liam reveals that money has turned his family into “secretive, image-obsessed assholes” who he wants nothing to do with.  And much as I respect that level of insight, I also think it’s really easy to reject your parents’ values when you are still living in your parents’ mansion.  Karma shares that her parents are pretty image-obsessed to and—in a nice inversion of Orphan Black dialogue—think that her “sexuality is the most interesting thing” about her.  And that dialogue right there could sum up the whole show: a simple plea not to reduce people to their labels.

Of course, all this honesty has Karma all horned up, so she figures now is a good time to go all the way with Liam.  It’s certainly the first time they have cast aside their affectations long enough to make a genuine connection.  But all the intimacy is too much for Liam, who is used to casual sex and is frankly terrified of being so exposed.

fakingit4.11NOW WHO’S THE LESBIAN?

When Amy comes home from her date, she finds Shane waiting for her.

fakingit4.12You know that is Karma’s special sleepover pillow. 

Shane tells her to keep looking for love online, but Amy has finally accepted that getting under someone else won’t help her get over Karma. Because really, there are only two ways to get over a best friend crush. The first is time. The problem with that is that most lesbians will carry a torch–cradling it and protecting it from the wind and the rain–for years, which is way too long to spend in uncertain agony. The other way is to tell your friend how you feel. There’s a chance she’ll feel the same, or at least be open to giving it a shot. There’s also a chance that she’ll be completely freaked out.  But the greatest odds, when you have a friend like Karma, is that she’ll be cool about the feelings and sorry you got stuck with them, and promise to stick by you until you find a new crush to pine after. And that will hurt, but probably not as much as you expected it to. Because really, you commit to moving forward or you commit to staying stuck.

I guess next week we’ll figure out how it goes for these two.

See you then.

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