“Faking It” recap (1.2): Homocoming


At the dance, Karma unilaterally decides that as the “Portia,” she should get the femme tiara and leave Amy with the butch crown. The best part of the scene is when the guidance counselor—who is a slightly toned-down version of the one from Heathers—starts telling her what a beacon of hope she is to the universe, and Amy blows her off to go lose her virginity in Liam’s car.


Meanwhile, Amy has the brilliant idea to puncture a hole in the news van’s tires to keep her mom from getting to homecoming. Trying to forestall a felony conviction, Shane tells her his own experience with homophobic parents.

Shane: When I came out, I thought my dad would either kick me out or kill me. Instead he let me record Project Runway even though it conflicted with his CSI reruns. Now we watch it together! He loves when they go ‘Thank you Mood!” It’s adorable.

And as much as I was lukewarm to Shane last week, I’m glad that he’s emerging as a character with some contradictions. Yes, he is as ruthlessly ambitious as Lady Macbeth, but he also loves what he loves with a full heart. And that’s adorable.

Right then, Karma calls Amy to tell her she’s about to go hand in her V-Card in Liam’s car. (It is a truth universally acknowledged that the most important part of losing your virginity is discussing it with your best friend.) Amy is like “SWEETIE, ARE YOU SURE?” but Karma is sure so Amy uses her rage to punch holes in every tire in the parking lot. Except the tires of the actual news van, which her mom gets in and drives away. Then Amy yells “fuck” about five times, and can I just say that I love this show for bleeping out cusses rather than pretending that we live in a world where no one says anything stronger than “heck.”

Cut to Liam’s car, where he’s like “God, I have fantasized about this so long.” Karma is super flattered, until she figures out that he means “bang any old lesbian,” not “make gentle love to Karma.” And just like that, a switch is flipped and Karma realized this impersonal encounter is not how she wants to remember her first time. She scoots out of there and leaves Liam blue balled and confused. I love this scene. For one thing, it’s the second time Karma has backed out of a bad decision at the last second. And for another, high school girls need to see plenty of depictions that IT’S OK NOT TO HAVE SEX. You can change your mind at any point. Especially if it’s the point of realizing that you are about to become a statistic in the mind of a teen narcissist who sees himself as a plastic pony in a sombrero.

Back at the dance, Farrah spies Karma in a tiara and realizes that she’s the lesbian homecoming queen. What she does not realize is that the other queen is Amy. She goes on this whole faux-tolerant tear about how being gay is fine, really, as long as it’s not her daughter. Fueled by righteous indignation, Amy thrusts her butch crown on her head and proudly declares herself Karma’s girlfriend. Right at that moment, they go live on local news, and Farrah just says “WHAT…UM…LESBIANS???? Back to you, Steve.”

Amy triumphantly leads Karma to the dance floor, where half the crowd is swaying back and forth with their same sex dates. It made me literally dizzy to watch this scene. And then it made me beam when Shane rests his head on Liam’s shoulder. I love that these two guy friends are slow dancing. I love our new world, with all its contradictions. I love this show.

fakingit2.10STILL MAD AT YOU THO.

Elsewhere on the dance floor, Amy and Karma dance like they’ve done it a hundred times before. Karma says she’s glad she held off on doing the deed with Liam; she wants to wait for someone who loves her. When Amy hears that, she nuzzles Amy’s hair like she is figuring out for the first time just how good it smells. And then Karma says “So I’m going to MAKE LIAM FALL IN LOVE WITH ME. ANOTHER BRILLIANT PLAN.” And Amy makes the puppy-crate face again.


It’s hard to believe this is only a half hour comedy; I have a miniseries worth of Feelings about every episode. Next week: Amy gets a secret boyfriend too! The show appropriates dated Occupy Wall Street references! Probably I share more of my coming out story with you!

See you then.

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