“Faking It” recap (1.2): Homocoming

Speaking of the blessed event, Shane has taken over as senior planner and rechristened it “Homecoming Out.” He’s even giving free tickets to everyone who brings a same-sex date, which kind of perfectly encapsulates everything that is lovable and hateable about Shane as a character. He also says that Lauren “is so two-dimensional she’s practically a character on Glee.” And Shane, honey, give Lauren some credit; she has clearly been the same person two weeks running so she has Glee beat by a mile.

Over in Liam’s Sensitive Boy Metalworking Independent Study, Karma strolls up to see what new insights as to his deep inner torment she can glean from his abstract sculptures.

fakingit2.6 I call this piece “but I wanted the BLACK iPhone.”

Liam is all “Glad you and Amy are back together; wouldn’t want to break up the Ellen and Portia of Hester High.” And then they have a moment where they agree that Karma is definitely “the Portia” because I guess she is the femme one that guys want to fuck? IDK, it is gross. Then Karma says that she and Amy have an open relationship, so it’s totally cool for Liam to kiss her and say offensive shit about queer sexuality as long as it’s on the DL. Liam thinks it is “so hot” that he managed to “turn” Karma with his magnetic penis and I am just praying with all my heart that all the Teens watching this show get that Liam is a turd.

That night, Amy glumly packs up her room, a process which takes s long time since she pauses to cradle each object and exclaim “Look, it’s a picture of Amy and I at the fair! Behold, the pillow she always uses when she sleeps over! Let us halt a moment at the flip flops which have graced her fair feet!” Lauren fines her fifty dollars for taking forever and being the biggest homo on planet earth.

When Karma herself bursts in to announce her affair with Liam, Amy makes the exact same face my puppy makes when I have to shut her in her crate.


The most disturbing thing about Karma’s thing with Liam is that it isn’t really about the personal side of it for either of them. Liam wants Karma because she’s a lesbian and Karma wants Liam because he’s popular. If Faking It has a point to make about the dangers of boiling people down to the one trait about them you think you can use, these two are the ones making it best.

As hurt as Amy is, Karma knows she can fix it by turning off the lights and staring a the glow in the dark stickers on her ceiling together. It’s a lovely moment, and just enough sweetness to help the medicine go down. The moment is interrupted by Amy’s mom (who’s name is Farrah!), who looks a little bewildered at the sight of the two of them cuddled together in the dark. They cover it up by announcing their plans to go to homecoming with boys, and Farrah INSISTS that Amy bring her date home for pictures. (Another point this episode makes with both families is how much of our identities is a performance for the people we love.)

Amy enlists Shane to be her beard, with the direction that he “butch it up.” He interprets that instruction like so:

fakingit2.8OH, I CAN’T HATE YOU.

They pose for pictures and Farrah reveals that she will be covering the lesbian homecoming queen story for the local news.

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