“Exes & Ohs” Recaps: Episode 1.6 “What Goes Around …”


Kumbaya — Baby dyke Olivia and her friends are enjoying a mini Crutch concert at the café, since everyone is boycotting church. As Sam and Emmy look on, Crutch sings songs with lyrics she took a whole five minutes to write, like, "You can’t even spell ‘Jesus’ without spelling ‘us’ … yeah." And you can’t spell "craptastic" without spelling "crap."

Emmy is so moved, she gives Crutch a very personal standing ovation — much to the delight of the kids, let alone Crutch.

Jen comes bursting into the café and grabs Sam.

Jen: Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam! Tell me what happened last night.
Sam: Finally, you made it. You know, a lightweight like you really should not drink on an empty stomach, especially after taking those antihistamines.
Jen: Look, that doesn’t answer my question. What I wanted to know was …

Just then, the ChKrisses show up. Hello! Congratulations on your recent injections! Emmy is all aglow, having just come out about her crush. Feeling extra generous, she offers the girls free sponge muffins and decaf coffee.

After hugs all around, Jen grabs Sam and tries again.

Jen: Tell me what happened.
Sam: How can you not remember who you took home? Even I remember who I took home.

Elizabeth, the woman who finds Sam too flawed to date (and too hot to not), walks in on that last sentence and smirks.

Elizabeth : Who did you take home?
Sam: Uh, I didn’t … I …
Jen: [to Elizabeth ] I’m sorry …

Jen pulls Sam away before she can dig herself any deeper into the hole just started and asks, "Do you have any idea how I woke up with Sienna?"

Sam’s jaw drops. "You slept with Sienna?" Sam says in her loudest outside voice.

The entire gang, including Elizabeth, turns to stare at Jen.

Sam ends the season not with a bang, but with a whisper: "Sorry."

Will Chris and Kris learn they’re expecting a baby or a litter of puppies? Will Sam find real love with Elizabeth or will she just end up with an outrageous therapy bill? Will Crutch get discovered singing at the Beever and take Emmy on tour with her? And will Jen ever finish her film, have an affair with her hot new neighbor, or find out how Sienna ended up naked in her bed?

Will Logo renew Exes & Ohs for a second season so we can find out the answers to these and other burning questions? Only time will tell.

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