“Exes & Ohs” Recaps: Episode 1.5 “Pole Dancing and Other Forms of Therapy”


A discovery
Jen goes to visit Lauren in her office to drop off some papers
that were left at her house. After a kiss and a moment go by, Lauren
remembers the pole-dancing show. She has an excuse. Her early drinks
meeting went long, pushing back a dinner with her partner, which delayed
her late drinks meeting. Maybe Lauren is a secret alcoholic.

Lauren wants to take Jen out
to dinner to make it up to her, but Jen, newly emboldened with an assertiveness
that can only come from pole dancing, starts to tell Lauren how disappointed
she is. Just then the office door opens and in walks Ali MacGraw‘s daughter.

OK, it’s not Ali MacGraw’s
daughter — it’s Jordana Brewster’s sister. OK, it’s neither of those.
It’s Monique, Lauren’s girlfriend. Girlfriend. Monique says pleasantly
that it’s so nice to finally meet Jen. "I’ve heard all about you,"

she says. Jen looks very confused.

Haltingly, Jen replies, "And
yet … I’ve heard nothing about you," as she looks at Lauren.

Monique looks back and forth
between Jen and Lauren, and with a small "ah" leaves the office,
closing the door behind her.

    Something wrong?

    Jen: Uh …
    Lauren: Monique and I have an open relationship. We see other
    people all the time.
    Jen: How nice for you. I would have appreciated knowing I was
    one of those people.
    Lauren: Come on, Jen. I’ve mentioned my partner on numerous occasions.
    Jen: In case you need a reminder, we’re lesbians. In this
    world, a partner can be a life partner or a business partner. You have
    to clarify.

The "Partner Clarification"
Rule pops up on the screen and Jen yells at us, "You have to clarify!"

Jen says that because they
were sleeping together it’s only natural that she assumed Lauren was
talking about a business partner. Lauren coolly asks what’s gotten into
her. Jen tells her, "Pole dancing!"

Jen is through being meek and
polite and getting walked on. She tells Lauren this whole scene is not
OK and that furthermore, she’s an ass. Jen storms out in a justified
huff. Jen Butler: Warrior Princess.

A different approach
Sam has tracked Elizabeth down to the bitterly cold water’s
edge, where Elizabeth’s about to climb into a skinny boat to row around
in a 36 degree river. Unlike Jen, Sam has had lots of practice saying
exactly what’s on her mind, and she lets Elizabeth have it.

    Thanks a lot, Elizabeth. I show up for you and get this therapist who
    is clearly not you. And if you think it is OK to lie and to trick someone
    like that, then, here, let me tell you, you are the one with issues.
    Elizabeth: I’ve seen how you go after people, how you were going
    after me. You needed someone professional to talk to.

That is so far beyond presumptuous,
I don’t know what to say. Tricking someone into unsolicited therapy
might even be illegal in some states.

    So talk to me professionally.

    Elizabeth: Ethically I can’t because I know what’s on your mind.
    Sam: So?
    Elizabeth: So … it’s on my mind, too.

Despite entering the early
stages of frostbite, Sam’s indignation melts away, leaving her looking
at Elizabeth almost bashfully. She wants to start over and get it right
this time.

She introduces herself. Elizabeth
introduces herself. Sam asks Elizabeth in a formal, sincere tone if
she would like to have dinner with her. We fade to black before Elizabeth,
whose mouth has frozen shut, can answer.

Next week on
Exes & Ohs:
Jen tries on surly just in time for Sienna’s
return. All of Kris’ eggs are sunny side up. Sam does some home repairs
on her new place while Crutch goes to church.

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