“Exes & Ohs” recap 208: “Sleepless in Seattle” Season Finale


The midwife arrives and soon, Kris is screaming her head off and Chris is freaking out. Moments later, the baby is born. It’s a boy! Yay. All lesbians should have boys; the world needs more decent men. Have they picked a name yet? Something appropriately ridiculous for today’s trendy baby? Bevel? Alto? Juggernaut or Tutankhamen? You’re welcome.

Swept up in the moment, Jen and Sam find each other’s hands and clasp them tightly. The midwife says gently, “Creating a new and beautiful life can be a hard and ugly process.” True dat. Just ask Marie Shriver.

Auntie Jen and Auntie Sam go downstairs to the kitchen. Sam tells Jen she’s not only going to Nepal, she’s leaving on Sunday. What? That is not nearly enough time to find cute hiking boots and learn how to say, “How much for this pashmina shawl?” and “That goat ate my wallet!” in Nepali. Jen accuses Sam of running, but Sam says she’s not the only one wearing track shoes and storms out of the house. Jen stands alone, letting the words sink in. She bolts from the house, runs across the front lawn and yells, “Sam! I love you! Samantha!”

Jen may be slow, but she’s not stupid enough to let Sam run to her car, let alone Nepal.

It’s early morning and Chris, Kris and TBD are in the family bed having quiet time. Chris says she used to think the hole in her life was shaped like Kris, but now it looks more like Kris, plus one. Kris, plus one, plus a mountain of diapers, toys and Elmo DVD’s. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over at Jen’s place, she and Sam are in bed, filling holes of a different nature.

After a short girlfriend stint in college, years of friendship, and gallons of Beever coffee, Jen and Sam have found each other again. Sam sleeps quietly next to Jen, her hair tousled perfectly around her serene face. They stir imperceptivity and open their eyes.

Jen says softly, “Now what?”


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