“Exes & Ohs” recap 205: “Everything Changes”


Sam has moved her things into Elizabeth’s house. As she unpacks, Sam shows Elizabeth some of the stuff she’s acquired over the years. More than your looks, your job, or your hometown, it’s your stuff that says the most about you. I have a glass head, three gargoyles and six bottles of vodka in my freezer. That should tell you something.

Sam tenderly holds a small figurine from France and tells Elizabeth a story about an old farmer she met while touring the countryside. All Elizabeth wants to know is what Sam did with his hot granddaughter. Sam tries to get her story back on track and describes the pretty fields there, but now Elizabeth has farmer’s daughter on the brain.

Back off, sailor.

Sam is in no mood. She accuses Elizabeth of not wanting to know her; she just wants to have her. Elizabeth stares at Sam with classic “what’s your point?” face and gives Sam a string of therapist lines about role playing being normal, and moving is stressful, and just cause she loves to hear her sexy stories, it doesn’t mean anything.

Sam throws one back at her: Everything means something. Sam decides she needs to go home.

Back at Jen’s place, her momentary slip is now a sickening regret. Hey, what’s a break-up without some backpedalling? Jen offers Gillian some olives to go, (good lord, Jen needs a wife,) but Gillian can’t get out of there fast enough.

And that’s how you know it’s really over. They don’t want your olives anymore.

Unlike Chris and Kris, who’ve decided they don’t need anyone except each other, Sam and Jen are back where they started, single, lost and up beaver creek without a paddle.

Sam: I guess I just feel like I’m competing with myself. Or, like, the “me” I used to be. Either Elizabeth did not mean that I didn’t need to change, or she didn’t think that I could. Because now that I’ve done it, I don’t do it for her.

Jen: You guys will figure it out, Sam.

Sam: Meh. Oh, but hey! I’m proud of you! You faced up to the stuff that you normally avoid. [laughs]

Jen: Yeah, and it beat the hell outta me.

Sam: But you took it like a man.

Starting over makes Jen feel tired just thinking about it. Jen and Sam agree they’re both a mess. But at least they have each other. Their eyes lock. Their faces draw closer. Closer, still. And…

Cut to black. Whoa.

Next week: Jen avoids thinking about Sam by making out with a student at a frat party. Sam gets some clarity and makes a final decision about Elizabeth. Kris proposes to Chris to make an honest woman out of her. Well it’s about time.

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