“Exes & Ohs” recap 205: “Everything Changes”


Sam thinks Jen is nuts for trying to be friends with Gillian so soon and does what any best friend would do: She tells her she’s wrong. But Jen is convinced it’s for the best. Old Jen used to run from her feelings. New, improved Jen is going to deal with them and stop pretending everything’s fine. In fact, she thinks Sam should do the same.

Sam: Whoa. What’s that supposed to mean?

Jen: Nothing. Just, I’ve noticed that you keep joking with Elizabeth about the whole “bad girl” thing.

Sam: That doesn’t bug me. It’s all in fun.

Jen: You only joke like that when you are bugged.

Look at her face. No one knows you better than your ex slash best friend. Damn them. 

Gillian tells the girls she’s dating someone new. Awkward. Jen soldiers on, smiling and suggesting she might even want to interview them. Oh, Jen. Stop talking.

After the party, Kris and Chris are reading in bed, wondering if they know the first thing about being moms. Gillian is still at Jen’s, helping her tidy up and patting both their backs for being able to go from lovers to friends without missing a beat. And Sam is home with Elizabeth, testing Jen’s theory that Elizabeth’s only interested in her former bad girl lifestyle.

Just to see where it might lead, Sam suggests that her old ways are a hot button issue. Sure enough, Elizabeth makes a double entendre about hot buttons and pulls Sam to her. Maybe Elizabeth is only interesting in having a hot trophy girlfriend, but in this moment, can you blame her?

The next day, Kris and Chris are at the library looking for books on lesbian parenting. There are rows and rows of baby books for straight parents, and one book for gay dads, but nothing for the ladies. What gives? Chris calls out to a passing librarian, “Oh, excuse me. Do you have any parenting books for us dykes?” Gah, I love her!

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