“Exes & Ohs” recap 204: “Frog Girls and Wet T-Shirts”


Over at Kris’s and Chris’s, Chris continues snoring while Kris pads downstairs, where she finds her mother having a quiet Folger’s moment. Sheila says she’s worried the girls are working so much, they don’t have time to make sweet boo bear love. The best part of waking up… is sex talk with your mother. Hmm. That’s not right.

Meanwhile, Sam is visiting Elizabeth in her office when she mentions her promotion to bar manager and wet t-shirt contest organizer. Elizabeth’s face curdles. Oh yes, she has a problem with wet t-shirt contests, even though she doesn’t admit it. And yet, she leers at Sam’s boobs in her hot dog uniform every chance she gets. Hypocrite much?

Jen shows up late for her first class (damn Seattle weather!) and immediately encounters a student majoring in douchery. He belittles her for mentioning the rain while leaning back with his feet on the desk.

Jen ignores his arrogant tone and turns to begin writing on the board. Then, he snidely asks if they’ll be getting out early today and fiddles with a paper airplane. Jen freezes, the tip of her dry erase marker hanging in mid-air. She turns –

Jen Butler. The Walter Mitty of Lesbians.

You think Callisto was bad? Meet the most insidious Xena villain of all: the graduate film student.

Back in reality, Jen calmly tells Mr. Smart Mouth, “Ya know, I may be new to this, but I don’t think it’s wise to piss off the person grading you, unless of course, you enjoy flunking your classes.”
Gabrielle would be so proud.

Gillian finds Jen on campus and asks how her day went. That’s nice. More importantly, Jen sees the large manila envelope Gillian is holding and asks, “Whatcha got there?” Gillian has just received her divorce papers and plans on signing them just as soon as she finds a pen.

After school, Jen and Sam do a little window shopping. Jen tells Sam how thoughtful it was for Gillian to ask how her first lecture went.

This is the “Little Things” Rule: Little things say a lot about how someone feels about you, so pay attention to them. You hear that, chickens? If she only kisses you when she’s drunk – run.

“How was your day?” goes a long way with Jen, because when we next see her with Gillian, Jen is telling her to open the little sumpin-sumpin she bought her. Ooh, I love presents!

It’s not a ring. It’s worse. It’s the key to her apartment.

Jen says, “When we met, it was my plan to kiss as many frogs as possible, before I, ya know… But I didn’t expect you. And now it turns out, you’re the only frog I want… will you be my girlfriend?”

Check yes or no. Oh, wait. That’s that other show.

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