“Exes & Ohs” recap 203: “The Big ‘O’”

The best coupon in Chris’s book is one that sends Sheila to the movies, where hopefully, she gets lost in the bazillionplex, indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Sam is confessing to Elizabeth that she’s much poorer than she ever let on before.And that is why she couldn’t ring the bell, so to speak.

Sam: So not sexy.
Elizabeth: So that’s what that “faking it” was about the other night.

Sam: You knew?

Elizabeth: Honey, it’s my business to know.

Omg, dating a therapist must suck out loud.

Elizabeth adds, “I was just afraid that you were getting bored with me. I mean, you’re used to more variety.” Is “variety” code for something? Did she just call Sam slutty?

Those are some amazing pajamas.

Back at the lecture, Jen proves she’s too cool for school and shows the students how with some creative editing, one can take almost anything and turn it into The Real L Word anything you want it to be.

A musical

Or, a horror movie

Or, if you’re “someone who loves love, or maybe is in love, you could make this a romance.”

Finally, Gillian is moved and forgives Jen. She tells her with a smile that she found the lecture beautiful, funny, sweet and artistic. Somehow, I don’t think she’s talking about the lecture anymore. Get a room, you two.

Next Week: Just when things between Jen and Gillian are heating up, Jen remembers Gillian is still gay married. Sam starts a wet-t-shirt contest to get promoted, but Elizabeth doesn’t dig it one bit. And Sheila has some parting words with Chris and Kris about their sex life.

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