EXCLUSIVE: Sassy from “Black Ink Crew” talks about being a role model for young African-American lesbians


AE: In the last episode you randomly ran into an ex girlfriend when the Black Ink staff went to a tattoo convention in Vegas. Were you expecting to run into her, or was that a complete surprise?
When I found out I was going to Vegas I had reached out to her and told her I would love to meet up with her and see her. She asked me my schedule, and I told her the basics of where I was going to be. I knew I was going to be at the strip club that night, and I told her that, but then my phone ended up dead for hours and I couldn’t contact her. Then that night I just turned around and she literally walked in the door at that moment, and that was amazing. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. It felt really good.

AE: How long were you together, and why did things end?
Well, we were never an official couple. We were friends with really great benefits. We had a really great connection, but she had to leave because of her work. She had much more going on there than she had going on in NYC. So now she’s out in Vegas. It was definitely hard to watch her leave. She just up and left like that, and when I saw her in Vegas, it kind of rekindled that fire.

AE: Did you two talk or hang out in Vegas besides the few moments that were shown on television?
Yes we did. I actually got stuck in Vegas because of Hurricane Sandy, so I ended up being there for an entire week. So I ended up catching up with her, just chilling out.

AE: Do you consider yourself lesbian or bi?
I know when a guy is attractive or handsome, but I don’t get sexually attracted to men. When a hot guy walks by and a hot woman walks by, it’s like he’s not even there. I had a boyfriend in the past, and told him I liked women – and he respected it – but towards the end of the relationship, I realized that guys didn’t do it for me. Women are what I like, so I haven’t been with a guy since then, but I’ve been with plenty of women. But I don’t want to call myself a “lesbian” because I feel that I can still be attracted to a guy in some way, but perhaps not sexually.

AE: I guess you are out publicly because of the show, but before the show, were you out to everyone or just some people?
I’m pretty open about it. I used to have to keep it quiet at home. My mom wasn’t comfortable at the time.

AE: So when did you come out to your mom?
I was 15, and my mom looked through my bag and found a letter that a girl had written to me. And she called me to come home to talk. I tried to explain it to her, but it was hard for her, being a mom. I am her first born and her daughter, and so she decided to disregard what I said, and she got really angry and really emotional and pretty much told me it was a phase and that I am not gay and that I will grow out of it. I told her that the feelings were getting stronger, and I am just going to get more open about it, but she wasn’t even trying to hear it. When I was 21 and had broken up with my ex, we talked again, and she cried, but she wasn’t as angry or upset as before. And much more recently, I had another sit down where she was able to ask all the questions she wanted. And now that she is accepting of it, I feel that I can go out and conquer the world.

AE: What are your favorite lesbian bars and parties in NYC?
I’ve only been to one lesbian party in the city. It was somewhere around the Lower East Side, and I went there with a friend after accidentally walking into The Cock, where it was all men. That was probably one of the craziest times I ever had! There were girls everywhere – girls can get so raunchy sometimes!

AE: The Lower East side? I don’t know of any parties on the Lower East Side. When was this?
I think it was last summer.

AE: Oh, you probably fell into Hot Rabbit. Back then it was at Nowhere Bar in the East Village.
Yes, I think that was it!

AE: Yeah it’s at Monster Bar in the West Village now. So, the ladies want to know – are you currently single, taken, or is it complicated?
I am currently single – super super single and kind of just mingling! I’ve been meeting a lot more people lately, with the show airing. A lot of girls seem to be coming out to the shop.

AE: Have you been getting any feedback from the viewing audience? Any fan letters?
I got a really nice Facebook message the other day, and she was just so appreciative of me being on the show. She said that there weren’t enough African American women who are open about being gay. She said, “I really appreciate that you’re doing it a way that isn’t trashy.” It was just amazing to hear somebody say that. When I was 15 or 16, I really wanted to be out and be comfortable, but I didn’t know how to be.

AE: Yes, and also, the way you came out on the show. It wasn’t a big production or announcement. It was just organic and natural – you ran into an ex, and you seemed that you were just being yourself, being comfortable. So, last question – since you’re single, will we see you date girls on the show?
You’ll see ladies for sure – but nothing exclusive.

You can watch full episodes of Black Ink Crew on Vh1.com or on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST.

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