EXCLUSIVE: Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly talk “Warehouse 13,” Bering and Wells, and Nerdsbians


AE: You guys really are answering every question I have without me even having to ask. The first two episodes of Defiance were amazing, Jaime. Your character, Stahma Tarr, is fascinating. At the beginning, I was like, “Oh, bummer, she’s just this kept woman who is getting steamrolled by her evil husband.” But by the end of the second episode, I was like, “Ah, of course, she’s the brains behind the entire operation.”

Jaime: In some ways, I feel like I’m in a period piece. With H.G., she was such a modern woman that when she found herself in the future she was like, “Oh, what a relief. Now I can actually live out my life without being so odd.” Whereas the character I’m playing in Defiance is an alien. You think it’s futuristic, but in many ways, her culture is so oppressive that it’s stifling. It’s going to be interesting to see how she reacts and evolves now that she is surrounded by much more liberated women. She’s going to see that her culture is very repressive to her gender. Unfortunately, it stops me looking like Jo.
Joanne: You look crazy! I can’t even look at pictures of you in that costume. I’m like, “I don’t know who that is, but it’s not my Jaime.”
Jaime: Oh, there is a picture of you done up as Stahma online.
Joanne: What? Our fans are the best photo editors, man. Jaime recently sent me an edited photo of H.G. and Myka making out. It was hot.
Jaime: What’s amazing is that networks have these teams of people doing promo things and our fans are creating this stuff just on their Macs.

AE: Fandoms, in general, are wildly talented, but you guys have one of the best fandoms because you’re right at the intersection of lesbian culture and nerd culture. It’s the most talented, passionate place on the internet.

Joanne: Nerdsbian? Nerdsbian! I just made a new word.
Jaime: It’s true, they really are the most loyal fans.

AE: It’s interesting, when I tweeted to say I’d be interviewing you guys together, the response kind of blew my mind. Usually I get a lot of really bizarre personal questions, but with you guys, it was an overload of people saying they’d been outcasts as nerds or outcasts as queer women, but that H.G. and Myka gave them courage to do things they didn’t know they’d ever be able to do.

Jaime: I honestly feel so honored to play characters who are outcasts, or characters that are shining a light on an underrepresented demographic.
Joanne: I’m a nerd. I’m a big geek. I’ve always wanted to be cool, but I’m never going to be. One of the reasons I love Comic-Con so much is, you know, the reasons I was made fun of in high school are now a celebration. It’s a place for people like me. It’s empowering to see people who have been marginalized come into their own. It’s given a voice to people.
Jaime: One of the things I love most about acting — that I never realized could happen when I decided to be an actor — is connecting with fans, whether it’s on Twitter or at conventions. Whatever show it is they’re a superfan of, you have this thing to talk about, and it fosters real connections. When I was little girl and I felt bullied or isolated, it would have meant a lot to me if someone was kind to me, and now I have the opportunity to connect with people who might feel that way. And it’s a real pleasure to do it.

AE: Yikes, I just realized I’ve gone 15 minutes over our time limit. OK, one more question. It’s from Twitter and it’s my favorite question anyone has ever asked me to relay in an interview before. Jaime, how do you get your hair so shiny? Do you use unicorn tears or dragon’s blood? I’ve heard conflicting reports.

Both: [Laugh hysterically]
Joanne: Her hair is impossibly shiny! It’s long and flowing like a river! How do you get your hair so shiny?
Jaime: Well, my mom had long, flowy locks.
Joanne: And you also just take really good care of yourself. You’ve always got your herbs and your teas and things.
Jaime: Yes, that’s true. When I was younger, I really believed in magic, and then as I got older I thought, “Hmm, I wonder if I could be a warlock?” And then I got into nutrition, you know, because I was reading about witches and herbs and things, and then I thought, “Well, maybe proper nutrition is magical. Maybe foods can have magical properties.”
Joanne: Well, I think a Happy Meal has magical properties. Also, I always get the boy toy; I never get the girl toy.
Jaime: What in the world are you talking about?
Joanne: Oh my God, you don’t even know that Happy Meals come with toys.
Jaime: I do! I just didn’t know there were girl toys and boy toys.
Joanne: There are. Talk about gender roles.
Jaime: When I was a kid, getting to go to McDonald’s was such a treat.
Joanne: It still is, Jaime. It still is. Any time you want to go, let me know. McDonald’s is a magical, magical place.
Jaime: Oh, now I’m going to have to start force feeding you berries and sneaking vitamins into your drinks.
Joanne: No! Never! I’m coming to see you on the Defiance lot and I’m bringing you a Happy Meal.

To visit the real most magical place on earth, tune into Syfy next Monday (April 29) for all new episodes of Warehouse 13.

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