EXCLUSIVE: Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly talk “Warehouse 13,” Bering and Wells, and Nerdsbians

AE: Can you tell me a little bit about how you guys decided to go the “in love” route with H.G. and Myka?

Jaime: It’s written in the script that a lot of the female characters have a flirtation with Pete, because he’s charming and full of jokes, but at the end of my first episode in season two, I end up with a gun to his head. And I thought, you know, H.G. would probably see through all that charm and bravado. She’d probably enjoy it, but she’d see through it. So I remember saying to Jo, “I think Myka’s probably more her type.”
Joanne: Remember that one line? “Many of my lovers have been men?” When you said that I was like, “Uh oh! Here we go!”
Jaime: There were all these little things we thought no one would ever particularly notice, but then they started writing for it and suddenly we were bound together in ropes.
Joanne: And then I started to dress like you!

AE: That’s a real thing in real life. It’s called Lesbian Twinsies Syndrome.

Jaime: [Laughs] They’re so narcissistic, they’re morphing into each other.
Joanne: That’s why I went back to curly hair this season.
Jaime: Well, I should tell you I’ve started curling my hair now, Jo.
Joanne: Have you? [Laughs] That’s amazing.

AE: When did H.G. and Myka’s relationship go from being something that was just between you two to something the writers played into?

Joanne: You know, it’s always been handled with a light touch, which I enjoy, because it gives Jaime and I room to play around. The thing about the Warehouse is that we’re always saving the world so there’s not really a lot of time to develop relationships in depth. But I think Myka and H.G.’s relationship has progressed in a really honest and lovely way. The fan response has been wonderful, just to see the fans respond so strongly has been amazing.
Jaime: You know what I really enjoyed as well, Jo? I am so sick of playing a woman who is pitted against another woman. I’m so sick of playing the bitchy woman who is competition with another woman. I am much more interested in showing the bond between women, the sisterhood of women.
Joanne: You mean women actually like other women? That’s crazy!
Jaime: [Laughs] At the beginning of my career, I needed to pay my bills, I needed the work, so I had to play the bitchy woman who was fucking her best friend’s husband. I’m not interested in that. That’s a male fantasy.
Joanne: And isn’t it interesting that you have to come to a genre like sci-fi sometimes to get away from that? Women can be the driving force in sci-fi.
Jaime: Exactly. There are bigger issues, bigger problems, bigger stories.
Joanne: And H.G. and Myka’s relationship, in that big world, is complicated. And that’s real life.
Jaime: Right, they’re just two human beings trying to have a relationship, even if they don’t know exactly what it is, or what it will be.
Joanne: Yes, they’re just trying to work it out. And I just need to say how wonderful it was to be on-screen with someone as smart and beautiful as Jaime.
Jaime: You’re an angel, Jo.
Hey, maybe I can start visiting you across the lot, now that Defiance is here!

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