Exclusive Interview: Catching Up with Kristanna Loken


AE: When we last spoke, you said you were really looking forward to having a life partner. Are you still hopeful about that?
KL: That’s a very good question. I just turned 30 last month, and I think the older you get the more you plan for the future, and the less it becomes about wanting to be with someone just to be with someone, to enjoy the ride. It’s more of a commitment long term, and I definitely think that’s what I went into with Noah. And I definitely still want to have a family and share my life with someone for the long term, absolutely.

AE: I’m guessing you found an adventurous way to celebrate your 30th?
KL: Well, you know, you’ve really got to go all out when you turn 30.

AE: I had a feeling you would.
KL: Yeah, first we went to one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California. We packed a picnic and went on an awesome seven-mile hike to a deserted beach and picnicked on the beach, and it was really beautiful. And then we rented this huge, 32-foot RV with some friends, and we drove out to the desert and went to this weekend-long music festival and just had a blast. It was great.

AE: Are you the kind of person to make resolutions or promises to yourself about your 30s?
KL: I wouldn’t say I set resolutions, but there’s definitely an underlying goal. I feel like, finally, I’m 30; I felt like I should be turning 40. People have this weird idea of being afraid to turn 30, and I was really excited at the prospect. I think the 30s are going to be better than my 20s in the sense of knowing myself a little more and being more sure of myself and more knowledgeable about my craft.

All of these wonderful things I learned about myself in my 20s will really manifest themselves in my 30s. I’m really excited, and there are a lot of things I want to accomplish in this next decade.

AE: Can you give me a specific example?
KL: I think there are a few things. I think my best work is yet to come career-wise. I definitely want to do more with my charity work, and within the next five years or so, I’d like to start a family.

AE: Meaning having children?
KL: Yeah, I would like to adopt, and I would also like to have one. I don’t know in what order, but I’d like to have that experience.

AE: I wonder, are there any celebrities who inspire you with how they manage their private lives while being in the spotlight?
KL: That’s a good question. I’d have to say there are two women I really admire. My all-time favorite actress is Helen Mirren. I think she has this amazing body of work and diversity of work. They tried to pigeonhole her as a blonde bombshell, and she really held her own.

She was very strong and wanted to be looked at as a great artist and actress and not just an object, and in that day and age, that was really hard because women were always the girlfriends or the wives or the sex symbols. She continues to have a great career today, and she’s also relatively private, which is intriguing and kind of dignified.

AE: Who was the other person who came to mind?
KL: I was thinking of Meryl Streep. She also is very private; you don’t really know who her husband is, she has some kids but I don’t know how many or what they look like, she lives somewhere on the East Coast — and that’s about all I know about her personal life. She’s one of the absolute best actresses of all time, and yet she has this beautiful private life, and I think you can do that if you work at it.

AE: Though I think it may be easier for someone like Meryl Streep, who has a traditional marriage, to maintain her privacy.
KL: Yeah, I think there are definitely more questions and intrigue on a different level, which is fine. Why not give a certain amount of information and answers so there’s just the truth to deal with, and less speculation and gossip?

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