Slow buring web series “RED” is a must see


There’s just something about a showmance, isn’t there? Two actors sharing the stage or screen find out that their chemistry is not only on point, but red hot. The Brazilian-based web series RED focuses on two actresses, Mel and Liz, who meet while filming a movie and find that their mutual attraction throws them both for a loop.

Liz, who has no trouble attracting women, can’t seem to get the very married Mel off her mind. Mel, who has always assumed she was happy in her life and marriage, begins to feel a pull towards Liz that she never expected.


Created by Viv Schiller and Germana Bolo, the series is beautiful to look at and well edited, with lingering shots and tight close ups. Lead actresses Ana Paula Lima (Liz) and Luciana Bollina (Mel) are stunning and completely captivating. RED is a slow burner, but each episode makes the wait feel worthwhile.


You can catch up on the first four episodes on Vimeo, and support the creators in their crowd funding campaign to make a second season.

Follow RED on Twitter and Instagram for more updates. New episodes premiere every Tuesday.

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