“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.20): Win-Win


As the episodes tick down to Cristina’s exit, Meredith reminds us via voicemail that surgery is a solo act. Sure you have other doctors and nurses assisting you, but when it comes down to it, it’s about your own mind, your own hands, your own will. How apropos since Owen stands by as Cristina preps her bags to fly out to the Harper Avery awards, alone. He wants to be there, but she tells him no. She’ll just be in and out, so what’s the point. That night she and Meredith are going to drink tequila and write her acceptance speech. She’s got this all under control.

Jo and Alex walk the halls at the hospital discussing Alex’s moonlighting at Dr. Butthole’s office. He hasn’t told Arizona yet, whom he’s actually filling in for that evening. They run into Callie and Arizona looking all kinds of hot, because it’s date night. Callie reminds the unmarrieds that when you are hitched, you have to spend quality romantic time together, otherwise it’s all dishes, and laundry and wanting to kill each other. This is excellent advice. As Arizona leaves she tells Alex how amazing he is. Man, she’s going to be so upset when he leaves.


Jackson and April are called in to see a little girl with a dog bite on her face. The little girl and her mother are both deaf, and Jackson brings up the fact that the girl is a perfect candidate for a Cochlear implant. This greatly offends the parents, and causes the mother to yell at him in sign. April is also surprised at Jackson’s assumption that an implant would be the obvious choice.

Richard and Meredith have a patient recovering surgery to repair a gastric bypass gone wrong. He is at high risk for post op complications, so Richard volunteers Meredith to pull an all-nighter. So much for drunken speech writing. Meredith asks a nurse to track down Derek and have him pick up the kids.


Derek is tugging at that lustrous hair of his, trying to makes sense of one of his White House project conference calls. Owen comes in to talk to Derek about the fact that he keeps referring patients to other hospitals for surgeries that he doesn’t have time to perform. Derek has also been slacking off on his teaching responsibilities, and Owen wants it to stop. Derek assures Owen that he has it handled. The nurse stops by to remind Derek to pick up the kids from day-care.

Bailey stops in to check on Brayden and explain the gene therapy treatment to his parents. They are concerned that this means Brayden will be infected with the HIV virus, but Bailey explains that she has disabled the virus and is simply using its traveling mechanism. She understands that it must sound pretty scary, but the parents trust her and ok the procedure.


Cristina finds Meredith to sweep her away for tequila times, but Meredith apologizes that she’s stuck working the overnight shift. Her advice is to be thankful and funny. Cristina zeros in on Alex next, but he’s busy too. She then approaches April, but quickly changes her mind. Instead, she heads into the Cardiomyopathy family’s room to check on the kids. Tensions are running high with the parents, and they soon start a screaming match, which Cristina breaks up, sending the father away. The kids and mother all look exhausted. 

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