“Emily Owens, M.D.” recap: “The King and Lionheart” (1.13)

Warm fuzzies aside, when it comes to resolution for our patients, there are a number of interesting outcomes:

1) “Crazy lady” actually has a rare infection that she got from cat feces. Because she is also a hoarder and has lots of cats, obviously, which all started along with her schizophrenic behavior when her daughter got her her very FIRST cat, after she left home, so her mom wouldn’t be lonely. When Emily shares this news with her and her daughter, hoarder lady says, heartbreakingly, “So…it’s not my fault?” NO. NO, WORLD. MENTAL ILLNESS IS NEVER YOUR FAULT.

2) Guy with the brain surgery comes out OK, minus the fact that he also had some memory loss, which magically allows him to forget that he ever even had a son, but remember that he did, in fact, love his wife. Emily and Will feel that they can’t break the news to him that he has a dead son he doesn’t remember, so his ex-wife does it for them. He asks, “Are you OK…living with that?” She says, crying, “You never asked me that before.” This is a completely ridiculous storyline, but one that I suppose MUST be medically plausible (right?), and let’s be honest, one that my weepy heart enjoys because the ex-wife has such a sympathetic, glowing face that I want to caress, and can you even imagine losing a child and then losing your partner, who blames you for it? And living that way for a year? No, no, you can’t. So, yay for mind altering brain surgeries, amIright?!

3) Because we always need to twist the knife even deeper into lesbian hearts, Cassandra discovers that Will messed up on Wonderful Dead Lesbian’s file. She in fact had a rare heart thing, and the type of antibiotics Will prescribed with such a rare heart thing causes the heart to stop. As it did. After Cassandra tells Will this, she says that he has to keep it a secret obvs, for his career, and he’s like, “Huh?” and his jaw clenches into this horrible pain and while I’m not a Will fan, I do have to say that Justin Hartley’s acting on this episode has been great. Or, more accurately, Justin Hartley’s jaw has been great.

He doesn’t heed Cassandra’s advice, and tells both hospital administration and then Surviving Lesbian about it, just as she’s about to get on the elevator with her dead wife’s clothes. He’s so shaken up by it he even takes off his glasses to tell her. She says: “I, uh–the children are coming. I have to get home to the children.”

Lessons from this episode: you can get a horrible disease from cats and one day your wife will die from medical malpractice. THANKS FOR KICKING LESBIANS ON THE WAY OUT, EMILY OWENS.

(Only kidding a lil’; seeing a lesbian couple portrayed as loving and healthy and as completely valid parents of a large, “normal” family was so great.)


On the one hand, I know it’s good to be honest, but at the same time, admitting this to her, as normally happens when admitting horrible things, only serves to make Will feel better, and make Surviving Lesbian feel worse. Imagine not just losing your long time wife, but knowing that she didn’t have to die? At the same time, I know it was ethical of Will, blah blah. I don’t know. Will really seems to be the captain of sharing his emotions when he maybe shouldn’t, such as when he and Emily then go to the bar afterwards.

So here’s a bad idea!

I get them going to the bar together, because he went through this really awful day and needs to decompress and she still cares about him so it fits her character to be there for him. But then he basically admits that he has feelings for her even though it’s bad timing being that she’s finally coming around to Dreamboat Micah and she’s like, “Yeahhh, bad timing,” and awkwardly leaves the bar, taking that wallop of emotions home with her.. And then at her apartment there’s a knock on the door, and Will’s face shows up once again, looking particularly in need of desire and sex this time. Without saying a word, he comes in and Emily’s sort of like, well, okay, guess this is finally happening now, all while Of Monsters and Men plays in the background and breaks my heart.

OK, OK, thoughts and feelings! I hate that this was the way this series ended. Obviously. But if it makes you feel better, creator Jennie Urman tweeted her thoughts after the episode about what would have happened if she could have finished the full story arc in 22 episodes as she had originally planned.

So this definitely made me feel better, as it’s clear that I am #TeamMicah all the way. And it is true that Emily probably didn’t give herself enough time to process “getting over” Will. I mean, four years is a long time to pine, y’all. You can’t make those feelings go poof, however much you believe you can! She had even admitted this to Tyra earlier in the episode. So this storyline makes sense, it’s just tough having that be how it ended for us as viewers. I want her and Micah to have lots of babies so that that sister we just met can be the best, sassiest, most frazzled aunt ever! And OMG, crazy sister and Tyra totally should have had sex! Le sigh.

I also asked Jennie Urman if she had any plans for the near future now that Emily Owens has met its end, and she said she’s about to pitch another idea as we speak. I wish her all the best, and hope good things continue to come for her: we need all the female writers and producers out there, writing smart and funny female roles, as we can get.

And to leave with one last warm fuzzy, Aja Naomi King, who played Cassandra, also tweeted this picture of her “family,” as they watched the last episode air together, proving that Kelly McCreary dresses just as wonderfully in real life as Tyra did.

Thanks for watching with me, AfterEllen readers. Here’s to hoping we get more lesbians of color on our TV screens to watch, and soon. And more of Mamie Gummer wouldn’t be bad, either.

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