“Emily Owens, M.D.” recap: “The King and Lionheart” (1.13)


In a weak attempt to run away from this heartache, let’s get back to good feelings. So, how about that Emily and Micah! They get to finish their conversation from the beginning of the episode, wherein they are both stupidly sweet and Emily is all, “I need to think this through, because you’re my boss, and did I mention you’re my boss?” But she is smiling and talking in her soft, lovable voice even more softly and lovably than normal and they agree to meet at lunch to really talk it out and I love Emily so much right now?

Your face!

And your face!

Will, meanwhile, has been reeeeal awkward the whole episode around Emily about this Micah stuff, to the point where he eventually pulls the, “Well, it’s just weird to picture you with someone, because I never viewed you as a true emotional human being before,” line. Eyeroll. At least we get this amazing Tyra look when she witnesses this extreme awkwardness at one point.

Pretty much.

And while we didn’t get any Bandari this episode (No. Bandari. On the last episode! GUH.), we did get screen time with my second favorite woman on this show: Micah’s mom! She’s been accepted into some cancer trial treatment thing. Micah says, Yay! Micah’s mom says, Oh, honey. Just let me die.


She has accepted her fate to the point where we learn she has called Micah’s sister, who we’ve never heard of before but who they both joke about being a mess, so clearly I am going to love her and I do! When she arrives at the hospital, she runs on screen to immediately start smacking the hell out of Micah. Which I love! Girl be pissed, because she apparently had no idea about her mom’s condition, and Micah heeded their mom’s desires to not let her know. That IS pretty messed up, yo. Additional relevant information: sister is beautiful.

Finally, Micah and Emily meet in the records room for lunch and lay down on the ground and tell stories about their families like you do, and then they prop themselves up on their elbows and both essentially say, OK. We’re into this. There’s been no awkwardness at all between them this episode as I thought there might be, as there often is post-first-kiss on shows; it’s just been all warm and adorable and I am into this too, guys!

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