“Emily Owens, M.D.” recap (Ep. 9): For the love of LARP


In other news, Uptight Business Woman tries to leave the hospital for her fancypants doctors in New York, but before she can get there, she has a heart attack first, which absolutely no one saw coming. As Bandari preps for surgery for her, she tells the nurse at the desk to cancel her dinner reservations. To which peppy nurse happily chirps, “Oh, we never made it in the first place!” Shockingly, Bandari replies with a not-so-pleased expression, and the nurse responds weakly, “Well, you always cancel.” And we begin to see the insides of the steel cage of Bandari’s soul.


While Bandari’s in surgery, Emily is now at home taking fashion tips from Tyra, as she has decided to take Cassandra up on her blind date offer. While she wanted to refuse it at first—because who REALLY ever wants to actually go on a blind date—she has been spurred into action by Will calling her predictable earlier in the episode. Sensitive Will strikes again! She’s also been inspired by the larpers to see if changing what’s on the outside can help her on the inside. And Tyra is clearly pleased to help Emily edit her closet, as fashion is one of the things she exudes in oodles.


And when Emily walks into her blind date, she does, indeed, look hot. Although she’s still pretty Emily-ish. And I like that. The date seems to be going fine, as in “pretty boring but not disastrous, while Will smolders with jealousy in the background,” until she and Blind Date kiss on the dance floor, and he has an allergic reaction to the bar peanuts she’d munched on earlier. Ha! And weird blind date can finally come crashing to an awkward halt. But Emily gets a whiff of Will’s jealousy, as he is hardly being subtle about it, and this makes all her foolish insides giddy, and makes her feel like the night’s a win. (It’s not a win!)

At the hospital once again to take care of the allergic reaction, though, she runs into Micah, who’s having a bit of a hard day after watching a cancer patient suddenly die in a manner all-too-possible for his own mother, and then learning that the distraught daughter is now suing him.

The goddamn lipstick.

Emily and Micah have a quick heart to heart in a dimly lit room, wherein Emily tells him it’s all going to be okay and he apparently realizes that he really does have feels for her.

I mean seriously, duh.

This leads him to then finally do the right, but still real sucky, thing of breaking up with his actual girlfriend, right before their weekend trip to Vail. While I love Micah and want him and Emily to have lots and lots of babies, his actual girlfriend seems to be a good person, too, so it’s tough not to feel for her. She plays the range of emotions on her face achingly well: from pleasure at seeing him, to confusion, to surprise, to sad sad sad.

I’m sorry too.

Speaking of sad sad sad, Bandari meets Straight Keith in the hall in her wonderful scrubs to inform him that his wife’s surgery went well. He says, “Well, that’s swell, but you know what? I’m going to leave her, anyway,” and it becomes increasingly clear to Bandari that the reason this uptight lady had irked her so much is because the two of them are, in fact, too close for comfort.

Taking this to heart, Bandari returns home to her husband, played by D.B. Woodside. Woodside has portrayed many, many roles, such as the President on 24 or more recently Dr. Joe on Parenthood, but most importantly, as Principal Robin Wood in Season 7 of Buffy. But here, he’s simply a dejected husband of a very busy woman, and as she deliciously takes off her shoes and sits on the bed, he clearly doesn’t really accept her apology.

Bandari in the dark in bed? OK!

Inspired by the failed relationship she just witnessed, she tries to make it up to him, saying suddenly, “We should go on a vacation. Let’s go on a vacation.” He doesn’t even blink. With the resigned voice of one who knows their dreams will never actually happen, he sighs and says, Sure. That sounds great. And they stare off into different directions, as we all collectively attempt to reach through our TV screens to hug Bandari as tight as we can.

But hey. The larpers ended up happily ever after!

What did you think of this episode? Will Emily finally get over Will if Micah finally attempts to woo her? Will Bandari be okay? And please, will Hot Molly return and make out with Tyra?

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