“Emily Owens, M.D.” recap (Ep. 8): Picket Fences


We also witness further evidence of Will being a Big Jerk in that he is a Big Jerk to this kid the whole episode, making him feel worse than he already does about possibly killing his girlfriend. We later will learn, in another bonding-on-the-rooftop scene, that Will’s being overly jerky because he himself got into an accident with his girlfriend when he was a teenager, and his girlfriend did die. This is obviously a horrible story, and makes me feel bad for him, but still, this is at least the second time we’ve seen Will being wildly inappropriate with a patient. And you would think this experience could make him more sympathetic to teenage guilt-wracked kid, instead of just mean.

Think about your choices, Will.

Speaking of mean, Micah is being real cold to Emily ever since his girlfriend clued him in to his own feelings about her at the end of the last episode. I hate this because Micah is my favorite and I don’t like Mean Micah, and while I understand self-preservation and doing what you think is appropriate, I’ve never liked the you-have-to-be-mean-to-someone-you-like idea. It never actually solves the issue and ends up being worse for everyone involved. And Emily righteously does call out how much this all sucks later in the episode. However, his bluntness with Emily does have one positive effect, when she’s complaining about her self-obsessed model patient and he says, well, maybe you can start with not judging her. Aw snap, Micah.

We all thought having a coffee stand outside in Colorado was the best idea.

The model patient does play a key role in this episode, though, as while Emily waits for the biopsy for her jaw, we get to meet HOT MOLLY. And Hot Molly is the best thing I’ve seen on my TV screen in a long, long time. Hot Molly is apparently a scientist or doctor or someone that mainly spends her time in a lab hovered over microscopes, which is maybe why we haven’t seen her before, but sweet holy hell.

Is that a snake on your arm? Or a salamander? Or something else ridiculously badass? Also can I marry you?

When Emily briefly mentions Molly to Tyra later, Tyra mentions that she realllllly likes Hot Molly, obviously, because who wouldn’t, but that Hot Molly already has a hot girlfriend. But, Molly has mentioned that they might be on the rocks.

So first of all, Hot Molly is also a lesbian, and second of all, could we finally be seeing the possibility of a romantic interest for Tyra? And please, please, please, will that work out as being Hot Molly? Here’s one more look, just for kicks.

Oh, hi. Hi. Hi.

In the end, most things wrap up rather neatly: Picket Girl makes it out of surgery okay, somehow, even though the picket had pierced seemingly every major organ in her body. Except it might have affected her spinal cord and she might be paralyzed but then actually she’ll be fine with lots of physical therapy, so, medical miracle, I guess. Boyfriend turns out to have lupus, which means he can have double vision which means the car accident really wasn’t his fault, it was lupus’s. Yay! Model girl decides to check herself out of the hospital and not get the surgery she really needs, opting to try a shaman to get rid of her cancer instead, a decision Emily obviously hates but it’s good to not have everything Emily wants succeed. And we end the episode where we began, in Emily’s happy place, sitting down to take that test. I would make fun of her if I didn’t also sort of love tests and know what she’s talking about. I know, Emily and I are weird.

What did you think of the first episode of 2013? What do you hope we get to see before this series reaches its close?

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