“Emily Owens, M.D.” recap (Ep. 1): “They think you’re some weird predatory lesbian.”

Turns out girl isn’t gay, unfortunately, and actually turns out to be sort of a bitch. Sorry, Tyra. But you’re not the only one who’s having a bad love day. After some inspirational talk with the 12-year-old girl whose life she just saved, Emily decides to confront King of Her Heart Will and tell him that she liiiiiiikes him and wants to kissssss him. She went through med school with Will, so this crush goes back deep. It takes a good portion of the episode for her to get the balls to tell him, but when she does, she goes all in, giving some crazy metaphor about how she watched him crack open a chest and pull out a heart in school once and THAT HEART COULD HAVE BEEN HERS, and stuff! To which Will, who is Mr. Nice Guy, is all, “Oh! Uh, aw, well, shucks, this is unfortunate, isn’t it? Because I don’t see you that way, and, well, golly, that was nice what you said though, let’s be friends forever anyway all right good talk!” This is ROUGH, and she recovers as well as she can. No McDreamy for you, Emily!

But there clearly is a McDreamy waiting, who is way McDreamier, and who finds Emily stuffing her face with chocolate in the stairwell afterwards. He takes her out into the hallway, says, “Look at all these people dying. Stop whining! But it’s okay to whine a little because you are a human being.” I generally like this, and I generally like him, but what I DON’T like is the fact that, after this little pep talk, he takes away the rest of her junk food. To the point of, after she’s already given him some, saying, “I know you have more! Naughty naughty!” Okay, so he doesn’t say “naughty naughty,” but I feel like I’ve seen this scene repeated in movies and TV (always to women) a gazillion times. LET THE WOMAN HAVE HER RING DINGS. She can eat her Ring Dings and still do her job! SHE PAID MONEY FOR THE RING DINGS! YOU DO NOT DESERVE THE RING DINGS! Do you even want the Ring Dings? Guess who does? Her!

A few predictable storylines finish out the episode, such as discovering that Cassandra, Evil Nemesis From High School, actually has some painful stuff in her personal life and so we shouldn’t hate her THAT much (shocker!). The surgeon Emily reveres, Dr. Bandari, is a pretty tough hardass, but she DOES allow Emily some coveted time in the operating room and is not completely awful to her (shocker!). But there were a few twists that I didn’t see coming, mainly that the doctor who took Emily’s Ring Dings who had lectured her about a patient who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, enters said patient’s room to give her the bad news, and it turns out that patient is his mom. This was the moment of the episode that tugged at my heartstrings the most and the most surprisingly. He really did have a worse day than you, Emily.

But back to Tyra. In the locker room at the end of the long day, she thanks Emily for checking the gay waters for her and apologizes for how it turned out. She says, “Now the nurses think you’re some weird predatory lesbian.” Ha! She then follows up with the perfect, “Don’t worry. I told them you weren’t weird.” Double ha! Emily for her part only seems momentarily confused by this, then gets over it and and asks Tyra why she won’t come out to her dad, as we’ve learned during the episode that he’s one of the only people who doesn’t know. “You don’t seem like the closeted type,” she tells Tyra, and Tyra says that she really isn’t, that she’s more the lead-the-march type. There’s just something different about her dad. He’s perfect, and she feels like a kid around him. A lot of us have been there before, Tyra.

Overall, I feel surprisingly hopeful about this show. While there were some writing moments that made me cringe–the chest cracking open thing–the back and forths between the 12-year-old and Emily were the best moments of the show, natural and funny and heartwarming. Emily is a likable character; she tows the line a little between adorably neurotic and annoyingly neurotic, but it’s nice that she’s not perfect. She’s cute but not overly gorgeous. I liked that the guy turned her down after her sweeping speech; it sucked for her but was realistic. The cast in general seems relatively diverse, and we really, really need all the lesbian characters of color we can get. And plus, I like Kelly McCreary’s face.

Did you catch the pilot? What were your favorite parts of the episode? What are your feelings on the possibilities of the rest of the season?

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