“Emily Owens, M.D.” recap: “Chosen” (1.11)

Meanwhile at the fundraiser, everyone’s looking hot and drinking champagne. Perhaps my favorite moment of the episode occurs when the champagne tray comes to Tyra, Will, and Cassandra, and Will takes two glasses. Tyra says, oh, good idea!, and takes the same. Then Will hands one of his to Cassandra. Tyra says, oh.


And then she locks eyes across the room with Hot Molly. Go to her, Tyra!

But she doesn’t.

Bandari and Principal Wood stroll in, both looking so handsome! Bandari gives a speech about how smart she is, still looking so handsome!

They show the “Why Bandari Is The Best” slideshow, and Bandari hates it and needs a drink which is actually why she’s the best, and Emily is reeeal awkward in it, haha. Doctor Dude Who She Cheated With Who Has Suddenly Shown Up has been lingering around all episode, and Bandari has been throwing her pretty lady eyes at him, including a weirdly flirty operation on Bullet in the Lung Kid—he’s fine—and I’ve been ignoring it because I don’t really like it, but here’s another gratuitous picture of Bandari’s lovey eyes anyway because those are always worth it.

To conclude the episode, Emily ends up getting Bandari’s assistantship because she is nice and gets patients to reveal crucial information. Cassandra is pissed, says, have fun babysitting patients, loser; walks away. Will says, I better go check on her. Emily says, but—she was really rude to me. Will says yeah, I know, but she’s hurt. When she’s hurt, she lashes out. This is, of course, true, and proves that Will is actually not totally horrible at caring for Cassandra, but it also makes Emily realize that, well, he is not totally horrible at caring for Cassandra. And what Almost Eyeless Guy just said makes something in her brain click. She’s done waiting. She wants to be chosen. I mean, the gays really have to teach you straighties everything.

Tyra and Emily have also had some Real Talk about how maybe Tyra doesn’t take chances because she’s afraid of getting hurt. So she decides to finally run after Hot Molly as she’s walking out the door, and say, listen. I’m sorry I blew you off. I tend to push away things that I want, so I don’t have to worry about losing them. And it’s lame. And I really like you. So can we go out again? Molly looks at her and says—no. “I don’t want to be your practice relationship.”


While the upside is that we do get to see Molly in a badass leather jacket over her swishy dress, which is a lovely combo, the downside is of course that this sucks. And while I hear her sentiment, Tyra’s speech also seemed rather genuine, and if you really liked someone, you’d think you’d at least give it one more try. Alas, it seems like they have lived The Shortest Lesbian Relationship Ever, which is a major bummer among bummers. To be fair, other than a few sexy glances, their chemistry was never really developed whatsoever, so we can’t be too heartbroken, except to be angry about the fact that their chemistry was never really developed whatsoever. I don’t know if there’s enough time in the series left to actually develop Tyra, and perhaps a new possible love interest, more, but golly I’d love to see it.

Just as Emily and Micah are sharing champagne on the roof in celebration of Emily’s new position and also new emotional freedom, along with Micah’s mom not dying and stuff, and you think that maybe Micah is finally going to break his Brian Krakow character of hiding his destined love forever—in their perfect prom outfits and everything!—Tyra bursts in to tell the sad tale of her harsh rejection. Emily says, pull up a seat and take a swig, sister.

Sorry, Micah. Hos before bros.

If you’re mourning the loss of Hot Molly, the actress, Jeananne Goossan, will be playing a role on the new Kevin Bacon Fox thriller series, The Following. This looks way way too scary for me, but if you’re looking for suspense and more of her face, you may want to check it out.

What were your thoughts? Was Molly too harsh? Will Bandari stay with Principal Wood? And will Almost Eyeless Guy find happiness someday?

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