“Emily Owens, M.D.” recap: “Chosen” (1.11)


Cassandra’s competitive claws are obviously all the way out, and while I love it when she’s feisty, I hate it when she’s forcibly saccharine sweet to get her way. For instance, when she does her video tribute for Bandari and sucks up in the most annoying sucking up manner ever. It makes her so much more unlikable than when she’s just mean.

In Tyra news, we witness her giving the cold shoulder to Hot Molly as they pass each other on the stairwell. Emily, along with the rest of us, wonders what’s up. Tyra scrunches up her face, says she got clingy. She explains the U-Haul joke. And collectively, we all ask, who the hell wouldn’t want Hot Molly to cling to them?!

Seriously, what kind of lesbian are you?!

Also, have we discussed that while I am not normally attracted to Emily Owens, with the exception of her ridiculously comforting voice, she has her hair back in a braid today and the way her front locks fall and frame her face is surprisingly cute?

Seriously, pretty!

As she and Tyra are getting their fancy clothes on for the Bandari shindig, a nurse runs around looking for Micah, and when Emily darts into the hall to see why, his mom is rushed by on her way to the OR. Emily shouts, “JOYCE!” I shout, “JOYCE!” I love Joyce! Emily puts off the important fundraiser to stay by Micah’s side as Joyce goes through surgery.

1, I don’t know why we don’t make out right now. 2, Really, I’m dumb.

Joyce makes it out okay—yay Joyce!—but as Emily’s about to leave, she’s derailed once again, this time by Friend of Almost Eyeless Guy.

Almost Eyeless Guy is in a funk, and Friend is wondering if he can help. Oh, turns out he has some rare disease that won’t kill him but means he can’t jump off mountains anymore. She goes to his room to be a witness of the conversation full of ache that follows. Paraphrasing:

Friend: So we can’t jump off mountains together anymore, but nothing has to change.
Almost Eyeless Guy: Yeah, but the thing is, I love you.
Friend: I know.
Almost Eyeless Guy: You do?
Friend: I do. But because I am a remarkable human being, it doesn’t bother me. I just want to still be your friend. Nothing has to change.
Almost Eyeless Guy: That’s the thing, though. Nothing will change. But, I’m in love with you, and you’ll never be in love with me. And there’s only so much masochism a gay can take, you know? I want to be someone’s choice.

I want to hug you so bad right now.

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