“Emily Owens, M.D.” (Ep. 12): The Perfect Storms


But back to people news, Chloe has to go into her surgery before her specialist can arrive, and the arm is not doing well. So unwell, in fact, that Bandari is forced to cut off the arm to save her life. Emily cries outside afterwards because this is traumatic and Chloe had wanted to be a doctor and what if there was something else Emily could have done?! Micah finds her and hugs her and the hug feels weirdly intimate but maybe because hug are always weirdly intimate when the people really mean the hug?

To add on to Emily’s crying, when Chloe wakes up, she also excels at hysterical crying. Something else that happened during this episode was an otherwise completely healthy mom dying during an emergency C-section, which was enormously sad, but she wasn’t as well developed as Chloe and so Chloe’s arm seems sadder even though the woman losing her life was obviously in actuality much sadder, and isn’t that weird?

Well, this sucks.

In better news, Dan’s brain surgery goes okay and we also get to meet his dad, who gets to learn on top of the brain surgery thing that Dan is re-enlisting in the army. Knowing that he will go back to never actually being able to sleep soundly again, Dad is upset but he’s just such a good dad, big and burly and red-cheeked, one of those rough but gentle teddy bears of dads that I love so much. He belatedly reaches out as Dan is wheeled off to surgery, his hand reaching empty air for a second until it falls back to his side, in that always heartbreakingly way that people belatedly reach out to nothing.

What I mean to say is, I love you, son.

So now that everyone’s either died or lived or lost an arm or been successfully transferred to a vet, it’s time to hit the bar and resolve lots of emotional chaos! First up, let’s start with some more sexual harassment!


Doctor Sleazeball approaches Bandari once more as she sits alone at a table in the dark. First of all, why are you even at the bar, Bandari? I don’t see you much as a drinks-at-the-bar-after-work type person. If you were, people wouldn’t be as scared of you. And shouldn’t you be at home with your husband who complains he never sees you? And clearly, when you do go to the bar, you just sit by yourself, which is both sad and bait for Doctor Sleazeball. She tells him once more that she and her husband are happy together now, and to back off. Doctor Sleazeball says he’s up for the challenge. EYEROLL. You are not a good person, Doctor Sleazeball. Thankfully, Micah witnesses part of this interaction, and calls Doctor Sleazeball on being a sleazeball. Like any good sleazeball, Doctor Sleazeball says, don’t worry about it, bro! Micah starts to realize he needs new friends.

Tyra, meanwhile, has realized that yes, she does need to stop living with her parents, but she has also called out her dad for treating her like a child, particularly in the hospital, as he has done throughout the episode. She and Emily celebrate this breakthrough!

Your lady eyes, Tyra.

She then adds, “So, right, gonna move out and will be sleeping on your couch for a while, which is cool, right? Right. Thanks so much, sister!” Emily says, “Uh.”

But I’m so enjoyable!

Meanwhile in Bad News Land, Cassandra has found the picture Emily snapped of Will falling asleep on her couch during the bookshelf building fiasco. Whoopsie! Cassandra sits Will down and admits to herself that whether there’s something going on between Will and Emily or not, just feeling that there is makes her feel second rate which is overall a bad way to feel, especially for Cassandra. Will sputters. “But, but. Our chemistry has always been so…non-existent! Why is this happening?”

You see, I like myself too much for this.

And then finally finally finally, Micah approaches Emily while she’s having an existential crisis in the snow about whether she can ever find organization in a chaotic world, or something, and then he kisses her, yay yay yay.

And then Will bursts out of the bar and shouts, “Cassandra broke up with me, wah!” And then Tyra bursts out of the bar and shouts, “Roomies!” and drags Emily away, and then we all say, “It’s such bullshit there’s only one episode left of this!”

What were your thoughts? What would comprise the perfect finale?

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