’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013

Gifts for Her (That Are Really for You)


‘Tis the season of giving, according to Hallmark, but we’ve always found it more useful to abide by the adage: “Sharing is caring.” And not just because we want our gifts to our special someone to be enjoyed by us, the gifter, as well. Besides, according to this totally legit holiday survey, “One-third of Americans ages 25-64 say they will self-gift this holiday season.” What goes around comes around, right? With that in mind, here are the top gift ideas that will make her happy, but will also make you happy. Everybody wins.

1. Fitness classes. We all want to look hot for our partners, and the holiday season is THE WORST when it comes to being healthy. I mean, what other time of the year do we drink eggs seasoned with brandy and sugar? Not to mention all the cookies, cakes, and figgy pudding that are everywhere. Getting your Sugar a fitness class package for an activity she enjoys (yoga, hip hop dance, zumba, rock climbing, etc.) is the funnest way to combat all the sugar. To ensure this gift isn’t taken the wrong way, get one for yourself too, go together, and help motivate each other. All that sweaty, hot, endorphin-pumping action is bound to lead to action of another kind later on, which is a bonus for both of you. ($40-$50)

2. Boudoir photos. It may sound cheesy, but getting sexy photos taken with one of my girlfriends was intimate, fun, and confidence-boosting. You don’t need to get all 50 Shades of Grey or anything, but if done well, boudoir photos will serve as a reminder of how great you and your partner looked together, and you’ll have plenty of fantasy fodder for times when you’re apart. If that’s too revealing for your gal or you, you could also do regular couple photos (We recommend Glamour Shots for the free makeover and silliness factor). Or, you could turn an existing couple photo into art at ($60 and up)

3. Experience dates. Creative and so much better than dinner and a movie, experience dates (like from How About We, Groupon, Living Social, etc.) are not only half a present to yourself, but they are also a low-pressure way to do something you probably wouldn’t do otherwise (new activities help facilitate bonding and love-feelings, says science). Date options are as diverse as you are, and should be tailored to your sweetie’s tastes—if she hates skydiving, for instance, don’t book a tandem session. Experiences range from making your own macarons to learning Shibari rope knotting to couples massages, tours, parasailing, and so on. ($20 and up)

4. Quality sexcessories. Any gift that leads to more bedroom fun is a worthwhile investment for you too. Now is the time to put your money where your mouth goes. We can’t proclaim to know what your luvvah loves in the sack, but to get you started, we recommend the stellar harnesses at SpareParts HardWare, this adorable Wonder Woman corset set, the Good Vibes’ couples kit, or if you’re long-distance, these remote-controlled vibrating panties. Whatever you pick, it’s sure to give both you and your gal a buzz that’ll last year round. ($35 and up)

5. Annoying habit fixer gift. Everyone has one or two things about their partners that drive them banana sandwiches. Some of these, of course, can’t be corrected with a gift, but with some creativity, many are do-able. Is your girlfriend’s phone always dying while you’re trying to get a hold of her? Buy her a portable charger she can put on her keychain. Does she frequently lock herself out of her house? Make her a spare key set. Does she eat frozen pizzas and Taco Bell for most meals? Make her a personal recipe book with your favorite meals and offer to cook them together. Does she leave her mail everywhere? Get her a cute storage holder. The key is to be good-natured about the gift —you don’t want to offend her or make her feel like you’re trying to change who she is. Instead you’re trying to help her help herself. ($5 and up)

Happy holigays, everyone! And remember the golden rule, give unto others as you would give unto yourself.


— Anna Pulley

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