’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013


Gay for the Gym Girl


Maybe you like to exercise. Maybe you like to watch athletic women do what they do best. Maybe you just want to look like the women from ESPN: The Magazine’s Body Issue. While there’s no gift that will give you the body of a professional athlete (they got those the old fashioned way, they earned them), here are a few things for you, or someone you love, that might make working out a more pleasant experience.

1. Books. Not everyone wants to read books about working out. But some workout nerd types might enjoy changing things up with a little help of an expert. Even if you aren’t a mom, you might like Run Like a Mother, which is less about having kids than it is about finding ways to sneak in a run or a workout when your schedule is bananas and you only have short time to get your exercise before watching Pretty Little Liars. ($12)

The right clothes. I’m a masculine of center kind of lady so running tank tops and cute little yoga bras do nothing for me (except on other pretty ladies). So I went looking for a few things that I might wear working out. These superhero socks and a Paige McCullers approved Batman t-shirt would definitely help get me out the door and running. ($15-35)

3. Post workout pampering. You can always send your lady off for a massage, facial, manicure, or to whatever is her particular pampering preference.  Don’t have a place nearby that specializes in sport massage or can’t find just the right thing?  There’s always a classic massager for home use. Bonus: You might just have a role to play in this massage. ($54.95)

4. Shoes. No matter if you’re a runner, biker, tennis star (we miss you Dana), or golfer, there’s a shoe for that. To make sure you or your lady get the right pair, think about getting a gift card from either your local sports shop or from a place like I suggest getting it from a local running store if you’re a runner because they will help you find the perfect pair but if you don’t have that kind of thing in your area the internet has you covered. ($50-$100)

5. Fitness tracker. Some people exercise for the fun of it. Some do it because it makes them feel good. And some channel their inner Spencer Hastings and do it to crush the competition. If that’s you, or your lady friend, you’ll need a way to measure just how awesome you are. In the old days that meant a stop watch. Now you can use something like the Nike Fuelband or FitBit to help track your activity level and tell you whether you are even more awesome today than you were yesterday. ($99-150)

Happy shopping.

— Lucy Hallowell

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