’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013


For the Lez Hippie Witch


Long before American Horror Story: Coven, you were that girl at sleepovers who insisted on playing Light as a Feather and conjuring magick with a candlelit séance. Crystals are kept around your dwelling or in your pockets for a day that needs extra protection and luck—but like a true witch, you keep your crystal visions to yourself (so says Queen Stevie Nicks.) A full moon means you might light jasmine incense and break out your ritual book of shadows. Evoke the spirits of the season and add a few of these relics to your alter.

1. HerScopes: A Guide to Astrology for Lesbians. Not sure if fiery Leo or earthy Virgo is for you? Charlene Lichtenstein’s guide is the perfect bedside reading for all your Sapphic love-matching questions. What’s especially fun about a book like this are the good chuckles along the way when play-on-words make talk of sexy trysts a jaw-dropper. ($11)

2. Motherpeace Round Tarot Deck. Look no further than Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble’s spirited set of cards. They capture the power of women over thousands of years—a perspective on the tarot that will fascinate, educate and enlighten you. The guidebook is a necessary accompaniment you’ll want close by on this journey. Take a spin away from classic tarot form and dive into this majestic world of feminism, myth and witchy symbolism. ($22.50)

3. Dori Midnight—Witches Bitches and Hos. Because every witch needs a healing elixir from an acclaimed herbalist! The very description itself beckons magicians, dwellers of and between genders, and lovers of the great mother to give this tincture a go. Meet your higher self with this intoxicating combination of Emerald, Green and Black Tourmaline, Ladies’ Mantle and Ladies’ Thumb—all green and black plants and stones for pure release of all the negativity you’ve been holding onto. ($25)

4. Gay Witch Tote. There’s a very special section of the Magic Hour Astrology site that’s calling to you: “Gay Witches.” Carry your pride and power with this black triple moon tote bag—two white crescent moons with a pink femininity triangle in the middle. Double plus: Creator Brandie Taylor gives astrology chart readings, flower essence consultations and makes homemade element candles. Now that’s magical! ($20)

5. Phase Ring. Keep the lunar cycle around your finger for all the seasons with this gorgeous, antique silver or silver with sapphire Pamela Love ring. The gift of the moon is as womanly as a holiday surprise can get—waxing, waning, and full. Each phase is cut out into the ring, sitting high on your finger like the night sky. ($115)

— Kim Hoffman

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