’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013

The Nostalgic Lez


Nostalgia: That deep pitter-patter that gives us a deep yearning for yesteryear. Maybe you’re that girl—willing to admit you had a crush on Jane Lane from Daria, a deep reverence for when Tegan and Sara were sporting puffy vests and singing folk, faked sick to stay home and play Gameboy or read Sweet Valley High. Or perhaps a Sapphic nostalgian is near and dear to you—the girl who believes in the never-ending lifespan of the Birkenstock, watches Season One of The L Word in bed when she’s sick, and could’ve told you back in 1991 that Kristy was a total lez in The Babysitters Club. Read on for some blasts from the past!

1. ‘80s Pop Portrait: Breakfast Club Basketcase. If she had to pick a favorite Breakfast Clubber, she’d for sure choose Ally Sheedy. The misunderstood, quiet misfit named Allison was a dose of eye candy, makeover or not. And anyway, it’s anyone’s hope she broke jock boy’s heart on Monday at school and went after Claire, right? This 8 x 11 glossy print is the perfect reminder to your houseguests that a basket case lives here—a great conversation segue into High Art. ($12)

2. Tales of a Fourth Grade Lesbo by Gina Young. She probably read Judy Blume when she was a kid, so she’ll get the reference. This DVD journeys into the world of queer girls growing up in the early ‘90s through parodies, songs, dance and live theater—a liberating and totally relatable compilation that will take you back in time. Bonus: There’s also a PSA-aspect to this set that addresses bullying—perhaps ultra-perfect for the nostalgian with kids. ($15)

3. Wildfang Oregon Trail Button-Up Shirt. She grew up on MS-DOS and she geeked out harder than anyone in fourth grade over any class time devoted to Oregon Trail. Surely, with this shirt on, she’ll be the topic of conversation at any party—fording the pool, trading fur for beer and hoping she doesn’t wake up with cholera. ($38)

4. Doc Marten Mini Tydees Floral Boots. Her playful mix of confidence and pop culture wit mean she has to be rocking a kick ass pair of shoes—and you can’t go wrong with a floral print boot. Perhaps her parents gave her Docs away in a garage sale and she’s been pining for a fresh pair ever since. The DM rubber sole has been slip-resistant since 1960, full-grain leather, sewn together and heat-sealed with sass. You can’t lock much more attitude into one pair of boots. ($130)

5. Ellen: The Complete Series on DVD. Behold the groundbreaking series that sent gay shockwaves across the nation in 1997. It’s hard to track down the complete series without spending an arm and a leg—so if you’re looking for the season when Ellen comes out, behold Season Four. Of everything out there that’s retro, generationally significant, and gayfully nostalgic—this is the crème de la crème of collections. Where were you when you saw Ellen DeGeneres grace the cover of Time Magazine? ($300)


— Kim Hoffman

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