’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013

For the Bisexual Biblioholicae-gift-guide-eboni

I know it seems tempting to buy a book for the bibliophile on your gift list.  After all, you know how much they love to read, can identify their genre of choice and even their favorite authors.  Yet, if your loved one is truly addicted to books as you think they are, they probably already own all the classics you think they should read and pre-ordered that hot new-release from that rising star writer everyone is talking about months ago.  So let’s avoid actual books this holiday season and instead move on to book-related gifts any biblioholic is sure to appreciate.

1. A Customized Book Tote. Every book lover needs clever tote in which to carry back home all the books they check out from library or buy from their favorite, local, feminist bookstore. (Or Barnes and Noble. I’m not judging). Design your own at Zazzle or choose from a an array of popular designs such as “Reading is Sexy,” “I Like Girls Who Like Books,” “Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Movie,” or my favorite, “I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie.” ($11.95)

2. A Unique Book Locket. A cool twist on the ever-popular book locket, this locket features three books–in brass and silver finishes–asymmetrically stacked on top of each other for a funkier look. If the book locket is quite your loved one’s style, the Etsy shop, The Melton Pot, has many other designs available including Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter-inspired compasses, charm necklaces and pendants. ($26)

3. Demeter Fragrance: Paperback. Confession: I don’t have an e-reader. When my friends ask me why I don’t buy a Kindle because I can hold my entire library in a lightweight, handheld device. “I know, I know,” I often say, “but I just really like the feel and smell of books.” Well, I’m going to have to find a new excuse because I’ve just discovered a scent called “Paperback” by Demeter Fragrance Library.  This scent blends the musty smell of aged paper with a touch of lavender and potpourri and is available as a cologne spray, body lotion, shower gel or atmosphere diffuser oil.  This gift is perfect for old school readers, like myself, who still enjoy the smell of a library or used bookstore.  Now we can have our old books and new technology, too. ($25-$39.99)

4. A Classic Children’s Story Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Remind your bibliophile of when they first fell in love with the written word with a canvas featuring their favorite fairytale or children’s story.  The modern minimalist designs by Christian Jackson will make your loved one nostalgic for simpler times, while inspiring them to keep reading. Choose from Snow White, Rapunzel,  The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz and more. ($135)

5. Bookworm Chair. The #1 Biblioholic problem is finding space to store all their precious books. The #2 problem? Finding a cozy corner to read them. Solve both issues with one purchase: the bookworm chair. It’s a book shelf and reading nook in one! The modern space-saving design in bright colors will enliven any room. The Bookworm chair comes equipped with comfy cushions and a hanging lamp.  Cup of tea sold separately. (Price upon request)

—Eboni Rafus

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