’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013

Totally Gay TV Nerdette


Maybe you’re a TV junkie who wants to get a fellow fangirl a gift, or maybe you’re totally clueless about television but you know you can’t talk to your girlfriend from 8-9 on Tuesday nights. Either way, here are some gift ideas for the TV Nerdette in your life (or, you know, me).

1. Nerdy GearEvery TV nerdette needs nerdy gear. Now, standard TV show shirts are fine, but they’re a dime a dozen. A real fan needs the kind of gear that reminds them of their favorite moments of the shows they love the most, while also being a great conversation piece with other die-hard fans. I personally hate guessing someone’s T-shirt size, which is why totes, pins, and pocket mirrors also make great, subtly nerdy gifts. ($5-$25)

2. Netflix SubscriptionWhen I first had the idea of gifting someone a Netflix subscription, I thought it would be a tricky one only suitable for people in long-term relationships – but as luck would have it, Netflix has the nifty option of gifting someone a subscription. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, but without an open-ended commitment. The best part is, you can reap the benefits, too. Just thinkyou and your boo can binge-watch Orange Is The New Black every weekend from now until Season 2 comes out!  ($8-$96)

3. Warehouse 13‘s Farnsworth phone case. Help your friend communicate like their favorite Warehouse Agent with this simple but thoughtful present. If you REALLY love them, you’ll get them Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly‘s numbers to put IN the phone, but if you’re not fortunate to be on a first-name basis with the loveliest artifact-hunters in all the land, giving your lady-loving friend a Farnsworth cell phone case to put ON it is a close second. ($10-$22)

4. Pretty Little Liars-inspired clothing. Speaking of the gift that keeps on giving, get the Emily Fields in your life an off-the-shoulder shirt or sweater. Get it for your girlfriend, the girl you wish was your girlfriend, or the girl who has a girlfriend but you want to see more of her shoulders anyway. Spencer and Hanna also have some looks worth borrowing from, but do everyone (humans with eyes and animals with hides) a favor and don’t turn to Aria for clothing gift inspiration. ($15-$30)

5. Orphan Black Season One on DVDSo many Tatiana Maslanys for the price of one! This is a perfect gift for anyone on your list, because there is a clone for every personality. Queer nerd, soccer mom, rocker chick, religious homicidal psychofreak, and more! If they’ve seen the show, they’ll thank you. If they’ve never seen the show, they’ll thank you. It’s a win-win gift for any sapphic seeeestra. (Tip: If you want to go the extra mile with this gift, include a box of red Jello, a few packets of sugar, a London Calling T-shirt, eskimo pies, red wine, and a Hip-Hop Abs DVD.) ($30)

—Valerie Ann

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