’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013

Gifts for the Young Queer


1. A Queer Scout badge. Are you a Girl Scouts reject? A Boy Scouts reject? Don’t worry, because we’re all Queer Scouts. Get a young queer a badge for their backpack, or if you don’t think the vaginal imagery will get them kicked out of their house, a poster for their room, all reasonably priced from artist Mary Tremonte. ($4-$7 )

2. Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and other Outlaws, by Kate Bornstein, foreward by Sara Quin.  Many folks like to reassure young queer people that it gets better, and while I personally don’t find anything wrong with that notion, the fact is you also need people who will talk real talk, and Kate Bornstein, gender warrior, is one of those people. This little book is jam packed not just with personal encouragement, stories, and inspiration but facts, resources, charts, and ideas about how to love your weird, queer, beautiful life and self. I haven’t been a teen for a long time, but reading this book still makes me cry grateful tears every other page or so. So buy this for a special teen in your life, but maybe pick up an extra copy for yourself, too. ($9.99-$16.95)

3. A good winter hat. It can be a cruel world, but sometimes it can just be a cold world, and you have to protect your head, young queers. It can be hard to discern who among you is actually like you when you’re a teen, when it’s sometimes hard to believe there is anyone like you. But if you see a girldoesn’t matter if she’s butch or femmerocking a particularly and peculiarly hot woolen hat, specifically a slouch beanie type of thing? Listen, there is a somewhat decent chance that girl just might be like you. And I know happiness lies within and everything, but looking cute while also keeping warm never hurts your self-esteem, either. I’m a fan of this charcoal one from Plum Feathers  or if you’re that special type of nerdy queer, these fox and wolves hoodies from ThatGirlKnitz on Etsy are amazing. ($15-$48)

4. Monetary funds towards a rock or film camp for girls. Sleater-Kinney ain’t getting back together anytime soon, and we’ve all seen the stats about women in the film and TV industry. Spoiler alert: they suck. So get ye favorite young girl to an awesome camp so she can start rocking out and changing the world, stat. Girls can get out their frustrations and/or joy at a Girls Rock Camp, or at a film and media camp, such as Film Camp for Girls at Femme Film Texas or the awesome array of programs at Reel Grrls. These camps can be life-changing but can also cost a significant amount, understandably, due to the cost of equipment. Consider putting money towards an empowering experience instead of a gift card this year. (However much you can afford!)

5. A personalized queer phone case. Show your pride while you Instagram. These cases on Zazzle allow you to personalize them, too, so there’s NO MISTAKING who’s gay. It’s you! ($42.95)

—Jill Guccini

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