’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013


Sapphic Super Nerd


Most queer women are nerds, at least a little bit, but this gift guide is for the Sapphic Super Nerd. This girl doesn’t just like Wonder Woman; this girl can talk you through the costume and character changes of Princess Diana of Themyscira from the Golden Age to the Silver Age to the Bronze Age to the New Age to the New 52 (including Earth 2).

1. Punny Potter Shirt. By now Harry Potter’s most famous moments are carved into our collective consciousness, so flip those iconic quotes on their heads and have some fun with puns. The way a girl responds to these kinds of t-shirts will help you know whether or not you should let her Slytherin. “Once again, I mustache too much of you, Harry”? Amazing. ($9.99)

2. Farnsworth iPhone Case. So when you’re facetiming with your lady love, you’re doing it just like Helena and Myka from Warehouse 13. ($15)

3. Framed Feminist TV Characters PrintsCaptain Janeway, Our Lady of Determination. Buffy Summers, Our Lady of Protection. Zoe Washburne, Our Lady of Loyalty. There are eight nerdy pop culture saints, total. ($31)

4. Brick RingDude, this ringwhich can be ordered in sizes 7-13features a two-pronged stud you can use to mount Legos! Single bricks, double blocks, even Minifigs! Plus, you can choose from a variety of metals. A perfect engagement ring? Oh, I think so. ($41)

5. RPG Gear, IRL. Fev Studios has created real-life working replicas of some of the best weapons and armor and gadgets from the greatest RPG video games. A Nordic bow or Daedric dagger from Skyrim? Yep! Caim’s sword from Drakengard? Mmm hmm. Kadaj’s souba from Final Fantasy? Uh huh. And the best part is, you don’t even need to level up your smithing skill to own this stuff! (varies)

—Heather Hogan

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