’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013

Urban Sapphisticate


The urban ladies on your list are always trying to navigate ways to make living in the city just a little less stressful. They’re the first to embrace the newest trends, gadgets and slang so get that special someone something that’ll help make workin’ 9-5 just a little bit easier.

1. Pendleton Headphones. I know I am constantly on the lookout for an earmuff/headphone hybrid that will not only keep me warm but also not look like earmuffs. And we all love a Pendleton print, amirite? Introducing the Urbanears Plattan Pendleton Limited Edition Headphones! Nevermind the number of blankets sacrificed in order to make these phenomenal headphones, just bask in the glory of just how good they’ll look on your public transporting cutie. ($79.95)

2. Pet Treat Launcher. Sometimes, pet owners living in the city have to sacrifice having a yard and neighborhood fields to let their dogs run in. But now, with the pet treat launcher, you can encourage your dog to do laps in the comfort of your own home. I imagine it to be like a laser pointer for dogs but, then again, my dog has a little bit of a weight problem. ($19)

3. Linus Bike Bag. I don’t understand how avid bicyclists manage to ride their bike and balance at the same time, much less carry cargo. So when I saw the Linus Shopper Bike Bag, I immediately thought of all the ladies on my list who manage to carry everything and the kitchen sink on the back of their bikes. Pretty sure this tote it’s big enough to hold a bag of kitty litter and/or a case of beer so it’s perfect for every bike commuter on your list. ($79)

4. The Tile App. I lose things all the time. My keys, wallet and my keys. The worst part is that in my 30 years on this planet, I have yet to find a solution to my daily key hunt. Then I stumbled across Tile. Tile let’s you track items you often misplace using a slim, attachable tracking device and app for iOS. So instead of watching your lover run around hunting for the keys that are inevitably in her pocket, get her the Tile for some piece of mind. ($19.95)

5. Vintage Maps. Ladies love a thoughtful gift, and nothing is more thoughtful than a little token of home. I find that maps make personal gifts. Whether it’s of your ladies hometown, state or a favorite vacation, she’ll love the thought behind it. Bonus points for framing. ($24)

—Erika Star

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