’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2013


The Practical Butch Fashionplate


God bless those butches. They live in a world where clothes are divided by genders, and they are forced to live in the in-between. Fortunately they are many lesbian-owned companies trying to answer that call, and there’s no better time than now to support them while helping make your honey happy (and hot).

1. Cotton Bow-Tie.  OK, this grape chambray is to die for. How much fun will you have finding a matching dress? (Just go for that LBD— little black dress, not lesbian bed death.) ($45)

2. Silverlake Sleep Short. These Sloane and Tate undies look so comfortable, your lover will thank you in oh so many ways. ($48)

3. Hold-me Back Harness. For the androgynous girl looking to add some edge to her look, this heightened suspender option is just radical enough without being full on BDSM. ($118)

4. Custom Shirt from Tomboy Tailors. There’s nothing better for a butch woman that getting a shirt made just for her. If you’re not in San Francisco, Tomboy Tailors will help you get measured during a Skype session, and with all of their prints and cuts, you’re sure to find something in the right style.($100-$250)

5. The Marlene Blazer. Marlene Dietrich is the ultimate in lesbian style. Who wouldn’t want to throw on this jacket and be as smooth and stylish as she was in Morocco? ($228)


— Trish Bendix

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