Don’t Quote Me: Mary Cheney’s Baby

Regardless of the Cheneys' ability to ignore or conveniently forget history, we journalists answer to an authority higher than our egos. So when Mary reminds the media, as she often has, that both she and her father have said that they are against a Federal Marriage Amendment, we have an obligation to remind her that while that's true, they did absolutely nothing to work against it.

I understand that White House protocol, not to mention common decency, dictates that those in the highest level of government, as well as their families, should be treated with respect, but so, too, should their peers and the people they serve.

If there is ever a golden opportunity for the media to speak to truth and press the Cheneys hard on an issue that illustrates, most ingloriously, the vice president's hypocrisy and willingness to manipulate facts — not to mention Mary's quite contrary-ness — it's right now. I mean, it's not like they can weasel out of this one and blame, oh, I don't know, terrorists?

Don't laugh; they've both tried it before.

Last year, in her book, Now It's My Turn, Mary revealed that she privately opposed the Bush administration's support of the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004, but remained silent because she felt that Bush was the only candidate capable of protecting America from terrorists.

We all know how well that's working out. Perhaps now Mary's plan is to give birth to her own private army, one little foot soldier at a time.

Until two days ago, I was able muster some sympathy for Mary, as well as for her partner, Heather Poe. While trying to help save the country from liberals and terrorists, Mary inadvertently sabotaged her own chances of gay liberation. Karma's a bitch!

But now I only have sympathy for her unborn baby.

Due in part to her own efforts, Mary's child will be born into a country where a large portion of the population has already written him or her off as unsavable. And that's a shame.

The truth is, I don't blame Mary for not wanting to talk about it — but she must. She needs to step out of her bubble and up to the plate. And she needs to speak without blaming the media, the gay community, seculars, liberals, terrorists or anyone else for talking about her child while reminding her of the damage she's done. She only has herself to blame for that.

Kim Ficera is the author of Sex, Lies and Stereotypes: An Unconventional Life Uncensored. Her bi-weekly column at, Don't Quote Me, is dedicated to all the folks in and out of Hollywood who talk without thinking or who don't know when to stop talking. Email her at

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