“Doctor Who” gives us a samurai sword-wielding, inter-species lesbian couple


Apparently, Madame Vastra owes the Doctor a debt of gratitude, so she and Jenny accompany him to Demon’s Run to help rescue Amy and her daughter (BABY RIVER!). Like I said, there are swords.

And then, there is one of the naughtiest, most suggestive jokes in the history of Who.

Jenny: Clever, isn’t he?
Madame Vastra: Attractive, too.
Jenny: You do realize he’s a man, don’t you?
Madame Vastra: Mammals. They all look the same to me.
Jenny: [super offended] Thank you.

Madame Vastra: I’m sorry; was I being insensitive again, dear? I don’t know why you put up with me.

Madame Vastra: *tongue lash of epic epicness*

Madame Vastra: *smirk*
Madame Vastra: *sheepish grin*

Madame Vastra talks the Doctor off the ledge a little later, gives him some words of warning about controlling his temper, and then she and Jenny fight in the final battle of Demon’s Run — and they survive!

The Doctor says he’ll see them again. And you know who else wants to see them again? Neil Gaiman.

And maybe even Steven Moffat himself.

And also: Me!

Doctor Who returns this fall with “Let’s Kill Hitler.” Wouldn’t it be amazing if Tipping the Scales became a real thing? Inter-species, intergalactic lesbian crime-fighting vigilantes? It’s everything I never knew I always wanted.

As opposed to the thing I’ve always known I always wanted.

What did you think about “A Good Man Goes to War?”

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