“Defiance” Recap 1.06: Six-Legged Monkey Crawl


Kenya and Amanda have a long chat about how much they adore each other and how they’re both too good for Nolan, but that love triangle is looming and it bums me out so hard. (It’ll bum me out less hard if Kenya and Stahma do the six-legged monkey crawl together next time.) (Also, Amanda’s last boyfriend was “a vibro.”) While Amanda is giving out advice, she also tells Nolan not to hand over Pol to his bounty hunter friend because she’s got grand plans to trade him to the Earth Republic for a high-speed train.

Turns out nobody gets to put Pol on trial, though, because someone — Doc Yewell? — slips him some powder through an air duct, which he mixes with water and salt to make a bomb. Back out on the street, he retrieves his briefcase of explosives and stuff and shimmies on over to Tarrs’ house to make a delicious Casthian meatloaf. Datak Tarr wants to know what the actual fuck he is doing there, and what the actual fuck he is doing there is poisoning Datak so he’ll help him escape to Brazil.

On their way out of town, Nolan and Eddie catch up to Datak and Pol and ram them into an embankment. They have a pissing contest about who’s the cleverest and who’s the bravest. Datak immediately gets shuttled away by Irisa and Tomy, while Eddie and Nolan fight over Pol’s fate. Eddie, it turns out, wants to turn him over to the Earth Republic so he can help them build bombs for the coming war against the Votan Collective. This bums out Nolan pretty good because he thought for sure Eddie wanted to bring Pol to justice. Nolan decides he doesn’t want either side to have Pol’s maniacal WMDs so he goes ahead and shoots out his brains.

When the Earth Republic reps arrive, Eddie takes the fall for killing Pol so Nolan can keep raising Irisa — but don’t worry; ol’ Silver Fox blows up the roller and escapes while it’s en route to Vegas. Inside the roller, by the way, was Amanda’s ex-boyfriend. He is (was?) an Earth Republic ambassador and while he still wants to get with Amanda, he definitely does not want to get with Defiance’s stubborn sovereignty.

In the B-story, Luke McCawley’s ghost visits Quentin McCawley and keeps him from throwing away the alien “artifact” that got him killed. Also, he convinces Quentin to murder Nicky Riordan’s steampunk assistant and dump his body in the mines.

Also dumped: Nolan. Kenya tells him he’s not her type. Which is a real loss for Nolan because he was spending all the nights with her and I don’t think he owns a bed.

In two weeks: H.G. Wells returns to Warehouse 13, and on Defiance, Kenya and Stahma get real, real close. It’s a Jaime Murray double-header!

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