“Defiance” recap 1.04: Monsters, Inc.

Back in the city, Nolan and Amanda are turning the town inside-out looking for Kenya. They run up on a little Newsie who’s wearing Kenya’s St. Finnigan medal and that’s when they know she’s in real trouble. But that little Dickenson street urchin doesn’t give a fuck. He’s legit wearing a necklace stolen from the mayor’s sister and staring down the city’s chief lawkeeper but he still demands to be paid for his intel. He even tries to run off after Nolan slips him a fiver. He finally says the Bio-man took Kenya, and since Nolan knows Datak owns the Bio-man (because of the aforementioned ass-punching), they head on over to the Tarr’s to do a little recon.

Obviously, Datak is a real twat, but to be fair, if someone dragged you out of bed with Stahma Tarr, you’d be pissed as hell too. Nolan demands information with his gun, and Datak tells him he can go fuck himself. Amanda appeals to his ego, says he’s already a hero in this town and can be an even bigger one if he’ll just help her track down her sister. Datak says that she is correct, that he is a hero, but that she treats him like some kind of gangster boss trash, and so she can go fuck herself too.

“Datak wants a City Council seat; I just want an invitation into your pants.”

Nolan and Amanda skulk off into the night. Datak is right and they know it, but he’s also a dick and he knows it. Lucky for everyone, Stahma is the Once and Future Queen of the Universe, so she fixes all the problems. This scene is actually really wonderful, not only because Stahma’s Machiavellian awesomeness increases tenfold every episode, but also because it adds multiple layers to Kenya Rosewater. And plus, Jaime Murray is a damn goddess. She is crushing this role so hard. OK, so Stahma sneaks out and finds Amanda and tells her this story:

“My husband frequents the Need/Want because dudes, right?” — Amanda’s face when Stahama says this, like, “Datak could be sleeping with you, but he’s sleeping with … not you? So he’s a creep and an idiot?” — “Well, your sister’s girls won’t look at me in the street. Maybe they feel weird about being prostitutes, or maybe they’re just grossed out because of having sex with such a weasel, but Kenya, she looks at me right in my gorgeous face and thanks me for sharing my husband with her. That girl really does get what people Need and Want.”

Stahma wants to help Amanda help Kenya, but it would be oh so much easier to get Datak to cooperate if he could just have a teensy-tiny seat on the city council.

Over in the Bio-man’s lair, Kenya realizes that she’s trapped inside the Matrix, which means, of course, that Jenny Schecter is Apocalypse Jesus, which I think we’ve all known in our hearts for a long time now. She breaks free from the computer-coma and goes right ahead and smashes the Bio-man’s boyfriend over the head with a beaker full of poison and kills him. Bio-man walks in just in time to see him hitting the floor, and boy, is he angry. He’s halfway to pulverizing Kenya when Nolan zooms in and pumps his Bio-guts full of lead.

“Let’s never get into a dumb-ass love triangle with Nolan, OK?”

Once they return to the Need/Want, Kenya tries to give her girl her St. Finnigan medal because it gave her courage for a long time and now she knows her girl needs that some thing — but her girl says it’s a St. Christopher medal, that she grew up with nuns and she knows a thing or two about antiquated saints. Kenya storms over to Amanda’s office and demands an explanation, so Amanda tells her the truth. Their mom abandoned them and Amanda found that necklace on a soldier whose name was Finnigan.

Man, this writing is tight. Sister stuff gets me more than any other stuff — y’all know how I feel about Emily and Katie Fitch — so I’m just bawling over here about these two.

Guess who got a place on the town council after all? Mmm hmm. Mr. Stahma Tarr. He takes a seat with the rest of Defiance’s leaders while Stahma sits out in the lobby and weaves a literal web and Nolan calls her a snake. Stahma smiles at him, says, “You’re very sweet.”

Enemies of the Heir, Beware!

You know what else would be sweet, lady? Another bath.

Next week: Irisa kidnaps the guy who one time kidnapped her, Nolan makes a play for the older sister, and Amanda, sadly, takes her hair down out of her side-braid.

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