“Defiance” recap (1.02): May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Down in Old St. Louis, Rafe and Nolan bond over the cannolis or something they used to get before the town was blown all to hell and everyone died. They finally find Ben, and he is not looking good. Probably one of the hardest parts about being Indogene is staying clean. No red Kool-Aid for Indogene kids, I’ll tell you that right now. Rafe wants to kill Ben because Ben killed his son, but Nolan points out that Ben’s son was probably up to no good anyway, so maybe it was better that way. Rafe leans into mercy just as Ben leans into his gun. He’s dead in a second.

Meanwhile, Stahma Tarr is taking another in what is apparently a long series of endless baths in barely-there bath clothes. Datak’s all, “Blah blah blah tradition and blah blah blah money and blah blah blah power.” And, I mean, Jaime Murray is in the bubble bath with you, you twat. Shut the fuck up. You have literally nothing to complain about. Stahma tries to soothe him but I guess she’s not very good at it because she says, “Well, it’s not bad to let go of all tradition, is it? I mean, you were like a Dickensian street urchin before we left home, and you’d have been locked there forever, begging for more porridge, if Armageddon hadn’t come. You remade yourself on earth. Maybe we can remake other parts of our society here too.”

Does that ass listen? No, he does not.

The person who does listen is her son Alak, who just comes slouching into the bath chambers bitching about how Rafe convinced Christie to slow down their wedding plans. Stahma hops up, half-naked, and full body hugs him. Yikes, guys. That’s real weird.

True to her word, Stahma tracks down Christie at her waitressing job and has a lady-to-lady chat with her about how dudes are mostly the worst, but sometimes, just when you least expect it, some asshole guy will open up an an air chamber and flush your lily-livered fiance out into space and that’s how you know that guy is a survivor and you should ally yourself with him while the New World Order sorts itself out. Jaime Murray is pretty amazing in this scene. It’s like she knows she most definitely should not be shit-talking any men because it goes against everything her culture taught her, but she’s doing it anyway and is kind of thrilled by how good it feels. This is going to sound so weird but the giggly-naughty face she makes reminds me of when Dobby the House-Elf could finally talk smack about the Malfoys.

Over a pretty ballsy cover of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are,” Datak lets the Castithan traitor have dinner with his family before slitting his throat and depositing him on the steps of the jailhouse. Message: My charge blade is more powerful than your side-braid, Madam Mayor. (False!) Rafe finds a shit-ton of money and some kind of golden alien artifact in his dead son’s room, which means he probably was up to no-good after all. And Amanda leads a memorial service for the 41 people who were killed in battle last week.

I feel really nervous about liking this show so much. Usually when I like a Syfy show while it’s on the air, it’s a total kiss of death. (No one liked Caprica more than me, for example.) (And also, that’s why I watch Lost Girl elsewhere.) But Defiance has set the stage to be an epic sci-fi series. These inter-species struggles aren’t going anywhere, and the overarching mystery about why ex-Mayor Nicky is trying to blow the whole place to smithereens even though she loves the people, and we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of Irisa’s awesomeness, and you know Stahma Tarr is about to break right out of her gender role.

Oh, also, I saw some people last week being like, “Dude, no, I hated Jenny Schecter; I can’t watch this.” But what I didn’t say is that Mia Kirshner isn’t playing awful Jenny in Defiance; she’s playing sexy/crazy season five Jenny, but, like, with a soul.

What did you think of last night’s Defiance?

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