“Defiance” recap (1.12): A second Schecter reckoning

Instead, Stahma shows up at Kenya’s a little later and tells her they’ve got to get out of town together, U-Haul it up and head on down to the beaches of Antarctica or something, because Datak knows and his charge blade is ready and they’ll both be dead before sunrise. Kenya is like, “Oh, go fuck yourself. Wait, no, are you for real? You’re inviting me to run away with you? That’s so sweet of — no, no. Wait again. You’re playing me some more. Yeah. Yeah, go fuck yourself. Or don’t? Are you being sincere or not?!” It’s the same mental meltdown any of us would have if Jaime Murray invited us into the woods after running over us with her car or something like that. Your brain says no, but your body says oh, yes.


Datak wins the mayoral election and Amanda immediately starts drinking single malt straight from the decanter. (Do you ever wonder how all that whiskey survived a nuclear fallout? I mean, if a missile were heading toward my house, my main things would be: saving my puppies, saving my Harry Potter book collection, and saving my whiskey, but that can’t be normal, can it? No, seriously, can it? If that’s your thing, call me.) Kenya stops by to console her sister and tell her how much she loves her and then she dons the most fabulous coat you have ever seen in all your days and hikes on out into the woods to meet Stahma.


Stahma: Oh, good. I was worried my habit of doing double-triple-quadruple-sextuple crossings might have frightened you away.
Kenya: I mean, I don’t trust you? But my feet walked me here of their own volition, I think because of your face slash naked body.
Stahma: You must be very thirsty. I find my presence often dehydrates mortals. Have a sip of what’s in this flask.
Kenya: Aw, man. Poison? In the flask? How dumb do you think I am?
Stahma: Dumb enough to walk your ass way the hell out into the forest with a known sociopath.
Kenya: Fair enough. Well, get to stepping, lady. This is my gun and I’m going to use it to blackmail you and Datak into leaving town.


Stahma: Hey, remember when we were doing all that finger-banging? Was that extra special to you, in a poetic, true-heart kind of way, or more just like you being a regular whore?
Kenya: My mouth is going to say it’s that second thing, but my face is going to say it’s the first thing.
Stahma: Yeah, me too. I’d never in all my 5,000 years considered exploring a relationship outside my marriage or outside my lira. It was fucking transformative, Kenya. I’m sorry I had to kill you with the poison dust on the outside of that flask.
Mia Kirshner: Are you fucking kidding me? Again? I’m playing a straight character next time, I swear to God.

I don’t really think Kenya is dead, you guys. It’s sci-fi on Syfy, but that scene was a real punch in the gut, huh? Stahma cradles Kenya and sings to her and calls her a little human! It’s horrible! It’s amazing! And not just because they’ve used this peripheral lesbian relationship to anchor the emotional punch of the entire finale. I mean, yeah, that’s cool. But It’s also amazing because Kirshner and Murray are fantastic actresses. It’s so beautiful and so wrong.


Right, so here’s where things get super crazy weird. Datak made a deal with the Earth Republic to turn the mines over to them in exchange for getting to be mayor, and about ten seconds into his first term, he realizes the Earth Republic is just using him and will never have respect for him and so he goes ahead and stabs Colonel Marsh to death with a letter opener. Stahma finds him in the office covered in blood. Her brain is working overtime to make up for the wreck caused by Datak’s latest petulant fury, but the E-Rep is literally banging on the door, so it doesn’t look like they’re long for this world/this office. He’s like, “I miss home.” And she’s like, “I could be halfway to Florida with Kenya by now godammit.”

And outside of town, Irisa refuses to believe Nolan is dead. She runs for a thousand miles and hours into the CGI maze of the McCawley mines and meets up with Irzu, who is like the bright burning messiah part of her, I think. The physical manifestation of her spiritual greatness? Irzu tells Irisa she has to do what she says from now on if she wants to resurrect Nolan. Irisa agrees and throws herself into the pit with the Votan spaceship, which somehow brings Nolan screaming back to life. He picks himself up and dusts himself up and heads back into town … which is, of course, in the throes of being taken over by the Earth Republic’s military machines.


Whhhheew. It’s a good thing Syfy already picked up Defiance for a second season ’cause that was some tricksy bamboozling they did there in the finale. The body count is either zero or one million. Irisa is either the full Space Jesus or broken into literal pieces at the bottom of the mine. Kenya is either poisoned to death or Stahma stashed her away somewhere for safekeeping and future scissoring. The Tarrs are either going to jail or entering into a last-second suicide pact. Nolan is either alive and possessed by the alien spirit of his adopted daughter or … yeah, I don’t know the alternative. Overall, it was a textured and rewarding first season of a Syfy original drama. Big BSG-type sociological and and ethical and religious questions. Plucky, badass heroines with shades of darkness in them. Plenty of homages to classic science fictions and westerns. And a fair amount of time watching Jaime Murray loll around in a bath. I really hope Kenya’s not dead.

Now, get yourself across the parking lot and get your HG Wells gear on and fix what’s going on with Myka Bering right now, Jaime Murray. She needs you.

What’d your verdict on Defiance‘s season one finale?

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