“Defiance” is Jenny Schecter’s Tragic Post-Apocalyptic Western Dystopian Dream Come True

The other main social/political thing happening in the town is the family feud between the human McCawley family and the alien Tarrs family, both of whom have lots of power and lots of money and a son and daughter who are in love with one another. At first you think Datak Tarr is the Lucius Malfoy of the clan, slithering around and talking shit and doing people dirty and threatening to kill the Juliet that his son Romeo is in love with. But two minutes into the second part of the pilot, it becomes clear that Stahma is Lady Macbeth-ing the whole thing. Instead of killing Juliet, for example, she suggests that they marry Romeo off to her and then kill Juliet’s entire family so that they’ll control her and her family’s money. Stahma makes the suggestion while dressed like this and frolicking around in a bubble bath:

And frankly, you also would not say no to Jaime Murray if she suggested for you to disappear the Capulets while wearing that and doing stuff with you in the bathtub.

At the end of the pilot, the residents of Defiance band together to drive back an attack by the most aggressive of the remaining alien races, and Jeb and Isra — who, by the way, is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and con-artistry and the subtle art of surly hilarity, and also is my favorite character — decide to stay around for a while and do some more heroics. So, it’s a father-daughter team. And two warring families. And Jenny Schecter as a dystopian madam. And Julie Benz as the mayor. And a whole lot of laser guns. Which is to say it’s a little bit Battlestar Galactica (if it picked up where it left off, from the other point of view), a little bit Firefly, a little bit Deadwood, a little bit Being Human, a little bit Romeo and Juliet. It’s a little bit of a lot of things, actually, and all of them are pretty badass.

But the recapping choice is up to you: Did you enjoy Defiance enough to read a weekly recap? Or would you rather us keep an eye on our lesbi-favs while focusing our attention somewhere else?

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