“Daughters of Club Bilitis” recap

Hyangcha and Myeunghee

The third act starts at Hyangcha and Myeunghee’s home. 

There is an unexpected ring at the door. As it turns out, it is Hyangcha’s estranged daughter, Dojin, come to see her before she gets married and moves to the United States. 

After an awkward lunch, Dojin asks her mother about the bar she works at. Dojin says she would like to see the place. While there, she overhears some clients talking about her mother and Myeunghee as if they are celebrities.

Hyangcha drinks too much and Myeunghee has to put her to bed early. While Hyangcha is sleeping, Dojin and Myeunghee have a heart to heart.

Dojin: I heard some customers talking about you. I guess your love is quite amazing.
Myeunghee: It’s not that amazing.

Dojin: Why didn’t you ever get married?
Myeunghee: Hyangcha got married because she couldn’t resist her father, but I couldn’t live like that.

Dojin: Why didn’t you just take her back then? If you had taken her then, my brother and I would never have been born, and everyone would have been happy. I think what you both did was irresponsible. Because of your famous love, my dead father and my brother and myself, we lived through a nightmare.
Myeunghee: Maybe there is some misunderstanding. Your mother didn’t come out to live with me. People often called us star-crossed lovers who waited 20 years for each other, but where in the world can you find love like that? You just have to live with a half-buried heart. One day during her marriage, she said she felt like she was always wearing a mask. Whatever she did — eating, washing her face, it wasn’t her. She thought that if she had to live like that forever, she should at least tell her husband. She lived her life for 10 years with regret. If she knew that something she said to her husband would cause her to lose her children, then she would have buried those words in her heart for the rest of her life.

After their conversation, Dojin goes to the bedroom to lie down next to her mother.  In a touching moment, Hyangcha puts the blanket over her daughter and says she’s sorry. They cry and embrace and the camera fades out.

Finally, we see all three couples at Club Bilitis again. Hyangcha and Myeunghee have just sold the club to Hanna and Yeongeun. Juyeon and Yeongyeon just came along for the party. And as the credits role we see that they all live happily ever after! 

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