“Daughters of Club Bilitis” recap


When Hanna comes home that night, Yeongeun moves out of the apartment. And the next day Hanna discovers that Yeongeun has been taking depression medication.

And here is where Hanna meets Juyeon from high school, but has to leave the interview early to rescue Yeongeun from a singing room (kinda like a private karaoke booth). 

Yeongeun cries as she explains that she went to have an abortion, but backed out of it because she was scared. Cut to Hanna’s apartment, where Yeongeun tries to explain more about her reasons for cheating in this monologue.

Yeongeun: When I said I met boys before, that’s true. It’s not just one or two. It’s quite a lot. Because I wanted to live like an ordinary girl. As soon as I went to college, I started meeting boys. If someone saw me, they would probably think I’m boy crazy. Once I met 5 different boys in one day. But since I met you, I realized I couldn’t live like that anymore. This was the love I was supposed to have, and I was very happy. That was until last spring, when you said you might have to go on a blind date. I know it was just set up by your mother, but it made me think many different things. What would happen if I broke up with you? I don’t have any money or career. I just depend on you. Should I just grab you? It was around that time that I started to doubt about you. The day after we fought, I wanted to test myself, for the last time. Maybe now I can love men again. I thought I should at least grab a man, so, like a crazy person, I grabbed him. But the next morning, I was so scared. I didn’t know what I had done.

While Yeongeun is meeting her baby daddy, Hanna visits her mother. Afterward she goes to Club Bilitis and gets advice from her older friends. 

Myeunghee: If you had a daughter, and the daughter wanted to live like you do, how would you feel? Wouldn’t it be hard? If you feel that it might be difficult, then how would your mom feel? I know it hurts you but trying to hide your life as much as possible is a favor to your parents.

Hanna asks Hyangcha if she has any regrets. Hyangcha replies that since she came out to her husband she hasn’t seen her children for ten years. She says, “Now I look back, and I can see that it’s not only me who was punished.”

The next night Hanna and Yeongeun are walking happily together on the street and see a fortune teller’s booth. They go inside and ask for a couple’s reading. The man is shocked to read for two women, but takes their money anyway. Happily, the fortune teller says they are a perfect match for each other.

So they sit in a cafe and think of baby names, and all harmony is restored to their secret lesbian lives.

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