“Daughters of Club Bilitis” recap

That night, while studying, Juyeon dreams about touching Nari’s cheek while she is asleep, and then getting smacked when Nari wakes up and catches her. 

Upon waking up, Juyeon goes down stairs to find her parents spewing hate at the actress who has just come out on the evening news. Her mother says she would rather die than have her child be gay. Talk about unconditional love. Thanks, mom.

The next day, while sulking to Yeongyeon, Juyeon sees the class bullies holding her phone and squealing that the owner must be a lesbian, because of all these pictures of Nari!

As if she wern’t cool enough, Yeongyeon saves the day by taking the phone right out of the girls’ hands like it is her own, and then walking away. She later returns the phone to Juyeon by cleverly leaving it in a subway station locker with a note: “Didn’t I tell you not to show off? It’s the last time I’ll warn you.”

That was a close call for Juyeon, but things are worse for Yeongyeon. Somehow a teacher found pictures of her and her girlfriend and now the whole school knows about it. Clearly they aren’t supportive. Unless you call writing “crazy bitch” in red paint being supportive. (BTW, in Korean school lore, writing some one’s name in red ink is like basically cursing them to a million painful deaths.)

Due to humiliation, Yeongyeon’s parents decide to move and so she has to leave Juyeon and the homophobes behind. But of course, they promise to meet again. 

Hanna and Yeongeun

Meanwhile, at the PR agency, Hanna is busy being a PR team manager. In the middle of her business, she gets a phone call from her girlfriend, Yeongeun, asking her to come home a bit early today. Hanna explains that she has a company dinner that night so she might be late. (Sidenote: If you say you have a “company dinner” to your spouse in Korea, you are basically saying, “Sorry, honey, but you know I’m gonna come home at an ungodly hour, completely wasted and reeking of soju.”)

We then see Yeongeun sitting alone in a public bathroom with her big problem, the infamous pink stripe on the pregnancy test. 

When Hanna comes home drunk that night, she sees the pregnancy test not so carefully left on the night stand. Judging from her angry drunk hollering, this was not a planned pregnancy.

The next day the couple processes their problems in Hanna’s car outside the convenience store where Yeongeun works. We learn that she slept with her ex two months ago while she and Hanna were fighting. Hanna is rightfully pissed, and she accuses Yeongeun of using sex to catch a man and the associated comfortable life that comes with him.

Hanna then heads over to Club Bilitis to bitch some more and explain her back story to the third couple, Hyangcha and Myeunghee.  Hanna explains that Yeongeun started acting weird after she read a comment that Hanna left on a lesbian cafe message board, advising another woman to leave her girlfriend. 

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