Dara and Karman’s Top 10 Hottest Femmes


2. Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct: The Femme Fatale

Sure, Basic Instinct incited protests by LGBT groups across the country (and not because of the shot of Michael Douglas’ naked behind) but it also launched the career of the LGBT-friendly AIDS activist Sharon Stone.

As the (allegedly) murderous novelist Catherine Tramell, Stone was a seductive force of nature. Irresistible to both men and women who should know better, her character was a modernized version of the classic film noir femme fatale. And like those saps in the films of the 1940s, we didn’t want to fall in love with her, but we just couldn’t help ourselves

Dara: She puts the "fatal" in "femme fatale." Too hot. Too cold. A killer come-hither and a royal bitch. Is there something wrong with me that I find that to be a perfect combination?

Karman: If so, then we’re both screwed.

She’s too smart for her own (or anyone’s) good, and a ringer for Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief, to boot. Only Sharon Stone would have eaten Alfred Hitchcock for breakfast.

Dara: Also, a little mystery is a key trait for a legendary femme. To not be known is sexy. And Catherine was dangerous — another must-have femme trait.

Karman: Stone’s character gleefully used sex as a weapon, and when that didn’t work, her trusty ice pick worked just fine.

Dara: No one can intimidate Catherine, especially men. She’s shocking but totally blasé about it. She knows her power and uses it with relish. Her power is 100 percent female. Michael Douglas’ character spends the entire film frantic or thwarted or hypnotized by her. She’s a total psycho, but her psychosis is designer.

Personal Style: 9
Wit(s): 9
Powers of Seduction: 10
How She Works a Skirt: 9
Weaponry Skills: 9

Total Score: 46

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